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Dec 21, 2003
A bit of help/advice would be appreciated.
I am currently a cable user (Charter), but am planning on switching to satellite in the near future - haven’t decided on provider - Dish or Direct (am waiting for the release of D* HDTV DVR and see how it compares to the 921 as far as features and reliability).
My projected use is as follows: Satellite system to include an HDTV DVR/receiver and equipment for hook-up of I HDTV and 3 SD TV‘s.
I would like to do in house prep (running of cables) myself, as much as possible. Currently, there are cables (RG6) in place for each TV. My question is: what additional wiring do I need to do? Are two cables required for each TV? Would two per TV be sufficient if I wish to route a DVR output to a TV other than the primary one to which the DVR is connected ?
Currently, each STB requires one coax feed for each DBS receiver in it. Example the 921 has two DBS receivers so it needs two coax runs, same for the 721 and the DirecTivo receivers. Around Spring time next year Dish will be coming out with a new switch that would allow for only one coax line. The 921 would also need a coax run to an over the air antenna for it's 8VSB tuner, I'd assume that the new DirecTivo HD box would also need just one for it's two tuners.

To be safe you'll probably also want to make sure that you have a phone line run to each location where you'll have a receiver. Dish is starting to crack down on the phone line requirement, don't know if D* will follow suit.

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