(CANADA)The Best FTA receiver and best place to buy in the GTA & around London, Ont? (1 Viewer)

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Apr 23, 2006
I'm thinking about going FTA and saying F-U to my Cable (Rogers) just want to know The best FTA receiver also the best that works best with DiSEqC Motorized Mount?

(*Note: I will be useing the FTA on my Sony's KF50WE620 50" Grand WEGA® Widescreen Hi-Scan TV so want a FTA receiver that can do the best SD-Standard Definition in 16:9 viewing)

1.) Pansat
2.) Pantec
3.) Fortec
4.) Viewsat
5.) Coolsat
6.) Digiwave
7.) Dreambox
8.) Ariza
9.) Spacestar/Ultrastar

also want to know where is the best place to buy them in and around the (GTA -The Greater Toronto Area and or around London, Ontario )

Please post store name & Contact info



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Sep 10, 2005
Winnipeg, Manitoba
I bought a 39" dish from an ebay seller named "jesusisreal" from around the Toronto area for $100.00.

I bought my receiver from the United States. I think you've got some good names listed there, although I wouldn't buy any clones like the pantec as I don't think the price of a brand name receiver is so high as to justify buying a knockoff.

Hope you have realistic expectations as to what is FTA.

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Nov 17, 2003
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closed and user banned

I kid you not, here is what I got in my PM

"I'm planing on picking up Bev, Dishnet, PPV, Pay sports, on all SAT's..
I'm a former DaveTV Tester so it should all be the same but not with davetv right?"

um, we are not a hack site.
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