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Apr 3, 2007
I am a Sunday Ticket sub with 4 payments left but I want to pay the amount remaining in full because I am starting a new monthly household budget and want my D* bill lower going forward. I called D* and the CSR told me they could not just take the remaining amount and apply it to my bill because I "signed up" for the 6 payments before the season started and it can't be changed now. First off, I did not sign up for the 6 payments, it automatically renewed, and second, what is the difference - I want to pay what I owe...I am not looking for a discount and I am not looking to cancel...I just want to pay the whole balance and start fresh. I was on the phone for almost a half an hour and asked to talk with a supervisor, who never took the phone after almost 20 minutes. Am I supposed to believe in this day of computers that they cannot apply this charge to my bill so I can just pay the freakin thing??? I simply can't believe that I can't pay what I owe and that I have to continue to pay the monthly charge. D* continues to boast how great their customer service is..."best among cable and satellite providers" they claim. Well I can tell you that my last several calls to D* have been unsatisfactory and it has left quite a bitter taste in my mouth. I pay a lot of money to D* and have for almost 12 years, but, in my opinion, they have gone and continue to go downhill. All I want to do is pay what I owe to them with good ol U.S. currency and they won't even let me do it. Some great customer service!


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Dec 28, 2004
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Just pay them the extra amount and it will show as a credit until it is used up.


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Feb 16, 2006
Just pay them the extra amount and it will show as a credit until it is used up.

I was thinking the same thing. Pay your Sunday Ticket balance and then just keep paying the amount of your normal bill every month.


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Jul 14, 2005
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As the others have said, pay it and it will show up as a credit on your bill.

I've done that for many years now.

However, even though I pay my bill ahead of time (once a year) they STILL make me do the autopay !
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