Can't get ONE channel


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Aug 20, 2008
Sportsman's Paradise Northern Mi
For someone with poor internet options who doesn't want to pay for a full boat sat service with all the sports this looks like an option, based on those conditions they likely have a market.

ku band on Eutelsat 117 W according to a sat forum thread that came up in google. I don't know how much of the US that covers, all of it?

$40 or $50 for a package $4/mo for dvr service + buying the box or dvr itself also there is no way to say what you're getting for locals either. No contract so service is paused without payment.

$99 for box or $200 for DVR and $150 for antenna install.
I live in a remote area in northern MI. OTA is limited, so was ok with fta for years, then got the idea that I'd like to try streaming, but no cable out here, and sat internet not an option because of cost. Got a cell phone with Verizon unlimited talk, text, and high speed data, but wasn't fast enough to stream without buffering, and at a cost of around $86 a month, that had to change. Went with Total Wireless unlimited t, t, & data for $25 per month, BUT the data drops to 2 lte after the first gig. This is ok with me since it's fast enough for forums, and since I couldn't stream with the expensive Verizon anyway, I don't miss it. So I used the monthly difference between the Verizon and Total Wireless to pay for Orby TV. Works out fine.
I had a big antenna on a rotator that I used for OTA, and now use that for Orby, and also an old 4' Primestar dish. Both these together work great. I hear a lot of comments on the lack of sophistication of the DVR/receiver, but I have no complaints.
As to the OP's problem with the one station, maybe consider a rotor, some of my OTA channels won't come in without rotating the antenna, and it is amplified. The stations are generally only 30 miles away, but I live in the woods and all those trees reduce reception quite a bit.