Celebrating 15 Years!

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Scott Greczkowski

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Hard to believe it but tomorrow September 8th SatelliteGuys will be celebrating our 15th Birthday!

Over the past 15 years it has been a hell of a ride, we have been to a lot of place, broke a lot of news and saved our members a lot of money! From covering events such at the Consumer Electronics Show for 10 years to covering special events such as DISH Networks Team Summits and DIRECTV's Revolution Events. SatelliteGuys has been there to bring you the news and information first. That's something I have been proud of.

SatelliteGuys would not be here today if it were not for the support of our members! The ad revenue we have received was good and then it wasn't, ad revenue has come and gone yet the support of our members has always been here. I can't thank you enough for everyone's support over the years!

I would also like to thank the staff over the last 15 years. We have had a lot here some have comes and gone but most still visit regularly! I couldn't have done this without their help!

Recently an offer by a big company that owns a number of forums made an offer to purchase SatelliteGuys. I got to be honest, I didn't even return their call. SatelliteGuys is my baby and outside my kids is one of my most important achievements.

With that said, let's face it the heydays of Satellite TV are behind us, but its not dead yet. And with that we will continue to evolve and grow as we can. We are always seeking new ideas and people to help us push SatelliteGuys ahead.

You may have noticed things haven't changed here much lately, and thats because what we have works good for us. I have looked into upgrading us to the new Xenforo 2.0 platform, however I can see that in upgrading that it does not give us anything we really don't have now. Also in moving to Xenforo to replace all or plugins and addons will cost us thousands to replace them. Sometimes the old saying goes, if it ain't broke than don't fix it. Quite honestly I don't have the money anyways. Those of you who are in the pub know the issues going on for me personally. :)

Our servers are still working well, but in the event of an emergency we have a virtual server which is ready to go which is backed up to daily, as well as a separate offsite backup.

So as long as we can pay our bills, we will be here for you like we have been for the past 15 years! Some of you have been here since day one! Thank you for being here!

Here is to another 15 years. :D
Congratulations Scott! While I've only been here for about five of those fifteen years I have enjoyed that time immensely. The site has been so helpful to me and I'm proud to have been able to help others as well. I'm happy to be a lifetime supporter. Hopefully, we can be here for many years to come! :)
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Happy anniversary SatelliteGuys! The members have always been helpful and it’s great to chat about the technology we love as well as the other areas to shoot the breeze about as well!
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:everybodydanceHappy Anniversary SatelliteGuys!

Thank you Scott for providing such a great forum. :clapping

It's been almost 13 years since I joined. :biggrin
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Happy Anniversary!! Thank you so much for not selling out to someone. I have been on several forums that sold out to big forum operators and they were never the same. The family feeling that we have here was what the other forums also had and it just diapered with the big owner taking over. I have been with you from the beginning and although I don't post that much, I love this forum and check on it every day.
I for one have really enjoyed being a part of SatelliteGuys! Like Scott said things have changed a lot and things will always continue to change. I will be right here by Scott's side to evolve to whatever needs arise.
SatelliteGuys for me has been my second home for years.
You guys know how your wife is always on Facebook. That is the way I am with SatelliteGuys. It is the first thing I check in the morning and throughout my day.
To fifteen more years!!!!!
Nice job Scott. I do have to agree...leaving things alone is your best course. The site has been rock solid since day 1. I moved on to cable and Tivo several years ago. I miss the days of innovation. Sat TV seems to be fading away as "the" tech, but somehow you keep the site rockin'.

Thanks for your neverending dedication to this great site.
13 years for me ...
Like others have mentioned, it's like a country wide family here (outside of the country as well actually) ....
I'm here most days after work and sometimes before.

Thank You Scott for continuing to keep this site going ... I can't imagine what it would be like if someone else owned it ....

Its really nice to know that you can drop a line to the OWNER of the site and he/she actually responds ...

As things continue to evolve, I'm sure this sight will as well ....

The site has long ago moved on from being Only Sat ...
Just look at the number of a variety of forums here.

Keep up the Great work Scott ... (and Staff)
Congrats Scott! I think I've been around for about a decade...wow how that time has flown...we must all be having a great time! It was a pleasure meeting you and Eva in Hartford a few years back...and I enjoyed the tour of "SatGuys Command Central"! Keep up the great work...you can count on my continuing support...!

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