Chrome or Firefox?


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Mar 5, 2010
Madison, WI
I've had Google Chrome forever, but keep reading about tracking issues, etc.
I've been reading about them (apples to apples) on different sites that compare them and Chrome keeps coming up the winner, except for tracking.
I'm running Windows 10 with Spectrum "up to" 200 mbps service.

My son has all Apple devices and runs Firefox.

What say you?
I like Chrome myself. Firefox seems to eat a lot of battery when I use it on my laptop.

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I've had Google Chrome forever, but keep reading about tracking issues, etc.
The tracking issues lie more with Google's search engine than the Chrome browser. The major issue with Chrome was bugs and security leaks but they seem to have stabilized it quite a bit in the last couple years. Those problems weren't typically part of Chromium but the goodies that Google added (and that feature set is pretty substantial).

I'm for just about anything that invalidates Microsoft's proprietary browser "extensions" but I believe that Mozilla goes to much more trouble to insure user privacy (more recently, Firefox has even taken to blocking certain tracking cookies by default).
been using firefox for years
the add ons you can get for add blocking, tracker blocking, ect are great
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I switch between Vivaldi with uBlock Origin on it, and Firefox on my computers, Dolphin on my phone, and Safari on my iPAD.

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Check out Comodo Ice Dragon, a slimed down and much more secure version of Firefox. You might also check out a FF add-on called Privacy Badger.
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