Directway dish for fta

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Nov 8, 2006
I was just wondering if I can use a directway dish for receiving fta tv. I think I would have to change the lnb? Is anyone out there using one of these dishes? Are there any advantages or disadvantages to using one of these dishes? Thank you hope to hear from you soon. This site is great.:rolleyes:
its cheap way to get into FTA with a primestar / starband / Dway dish

this hobby is very addictive and you'll probably be hunting for more dishes or adding a motor soon

good luck
direcway dish for fta

I ask the other day if I could use a direcway dish for fta. I wanted to ask more about this. The dish that I am looking at is about 39 inches from widest points. It is only around 23 inches tall. It is made out of plastic or something like it. So my questions are will this work well for fta? I will need to build a bracket for the lnb which is not a problem for me but I will need to place the lnb at the dishes focal point right? Do plastic dishes work as well as steel? Any other thoughts or ideas about this dish. Should I stay away from this dish. Thank you for all of you help.
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yes it will work fine. Thats the exact same one I had (pictures below). Worked great with some of the weaker signals :)

The extra LNB's on it were for my ExpressVu subscription (the KU LNB was at 95)
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