DSL speed downgrade


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Jan 22, 2007
Eau Claire, WI
I am going to get rid of my landline and take advantage of the naked DSL now available through SBC. While doing this I am thinking about lowering my throughput from 3 Mb to 1.5 Mb. I primarly surf the internet and do a lot of online flying with Microsoft Flight simulator. Will I see a major loss in performence with that downgrade.

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Nov 9, 2008
The Swamp
For just web surfing 1.5mbit is fine. (Heck i1.5mbit is T1 speeds which used to be mega fast) However you may have issues streaming HD videos from say youtube. You will have longer buffer times etc..

Your flight sim well it depends on how much bandwidth the program needs, I am not sure of that specific game.

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