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Feb 1, 2004
Hello all,

I am an "early subscriber" in the sense that I paid my $800 or to purchase my VOOM equipment last year and have it installed. I've been teetering on the decision to send it back for a refund, but a VOOM CSR just told me that the money-back guarantee has been extended yet another month through April 30. I've not been very thrilled with the limited and repetitive VOOM programming and the delays in adding channels, but with this extension, I feel like giving VOOM the benefit of the doubt and keeping it longer.

My question: I will be moving in June sometime. Am I better off returning the VOOM system in April for a refund, and then re-ordering with the lease program when I move into my next house? Or, would you take the dish with you and just keep it? Or would VOOM uninstall and reinstall the dish for me? I don't want to deal with the hassle of moving the dish, and it does seem like the lease program is a good deal. Just looking for opinions.


the lease program looks very atractive. I still don't have all the details of what benefits early subscribers will lose if we decide to go with the lease. It's a tough decision right now. I'll wait until the free period ends 3/31/04 or the $$ back guarantee 4/30/04 and see what other information comes to make a decision. If you decide to move and stay a sub, I do not know if VOOM has a move program (like E* or D*).
Would they let you take the lease later on after having the system or is it only for first time subscribers?
Here's a post from Yahoo regarding the convertion to lease for early subs.

Each person needs to consider their individual situation. In my case, I will change to Lease program. I paid $948 for two receivers plus tax. With lease program, I will take the Va Va Voom package. It will take 3.2 years (2 receivers at $10 + $5 mirror fee) to pay $948 for the two receivers. In the mean time, I am not stuck with a first generation box and if the DVR comes along I rather invest in that box. Just my $0.02. The real question which has not been answered yet is whether this all could be done by not deinstalling. I will wait until the 20th of the month and do this.

Posted by Dragonldy_mon.

Okay, now here's the deal w/this for you Charter Members. There are a
few things to weigh between this offer and the one you have.

If you chose to switch:
Your freeview period ends the day we switch you.

The MBG ends the day we switch you. Meaning the Equipment Charge and
programing you pay will not be refunded if you chose to stop service
with us.

The 300.00 Charter Member Credit will not roll over to this option.
It goes away.

The free plus pak included in your Basic programing pkg will not
apply. Now if you were going to order the full package, this wouldn't

At this time the infamous 'new dvr' has no price or position. I don't
know what it will cost or if it will be available for the Monthly
Equipment Charge option, or if it is what the charge would be.

The refund for the full amount of your previously purchased equipment
will be mailed to you in the form of a *check* and could take 6-8 wks
to arrive.

Both are good deals. Both are worthy of consideration. I ask that you
weigh your options carefully. Once you have switched, we have no way
to return you to Charter Member standing in terms of the equipment
and programing.

So much to consider. smile

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