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Feb 8, 2004
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the voom installer who did my setup in mid-dec called this morning to notity me that Voom will be replacing all early subscriber boxes. Reason: to give us updated machines. i understand the first boxes didn't have everything preloaded as these switchouts will - so does that mean the new one will be easier to configure and/or accept future software downloads?? i have had a suberb Voom experience so far, so i guess this new gravy will be welcome too!
Any others received the call yet? Oh yea, they made sure to tell me that this had nothing to do with PVR/DVR. Nuf said - david
It has been reported at Yahoo and by Sandpit (through PM) that VOOM is replacing all early subs with new receivers. I just got the call and I am set for 3/6/05 between 12pm-5pm. I also got a job#. If you get call, post your replacement date and how many receivers will be replaced. In my case the csr said two but she was not sure.

Accordingly, these receivers are supposed to be more stable but will they come with the MPEG-4 module? It will be an interested question. It will make sense to do it now since they are doing everyone. But this is just speculation on my part. There is no service charge for this replacement.
Got a call back from VOOM. They will be replacing one of my receivers. The replacement that I got a few weeks ago has the good hardware/software that the replacement have. You guys are going to be very happy with the new receivers. No lockups and way faster when navigating the PG. I would say 10 times faster (exaggeration) but it is true.
By the way, the replacement receiver that I got a few weeks ago does not have the MPEG-4 module. So don't expect it is my guess.
I posted this on 2/7/04 when I got my replacement. So look for these in the new boxes:

No lock ups and the guide comes up very quickly when you press the VOOM button or the favorite list. Also, navigating the PG is much much quicker and it does not skip channels. Selecting a channel and the time that it takes to display on TV takes same amount of time as my old box. This box also it does not have the redpush in the component output that I saw before and its output is very clear. I really like it and I am considering changing the other box. On the new box, I did not see the split second pixelation that you get when tuning to a channel.
I received a call today. I'm scheduled to have mine replaced on Tuesday, March 2, 2004. Bring it on.... :p
Sean Mota said:
Sandpit, when is your replacement date and how many receivers are you replacing?

mine (proposed since its this far out) will not be till 031004 due to my work schedule next week - so from today i'm 13 days away, 1 receiver, your right, i will like those changes - and i'll follow-up after the switch is made - laters D
New receiver?

So, I'm about to call and cancel Voom and take advantage of the money back guarantee. I still can, right? I ordered in December, I think the free programming might have just ended, but the money-back is until the end of March, right?

So, anyway, there is a voicemail from Voom today asking me to call back and schedule an appointment to receive a new box. What is this about? I didn't see anyone else post about it, but surely it isn't just me.

I think I still want to send it back, but just wondering what the new box is about before I call them.
I had my installation done today. They had first brought a older stb dated back in December. The box didnt want to download from VOOM's sat and was running real slow. They came back 4 hours later with a new STB and they were able to install and download from VOOM's sat within 20 mins. Maybe they want to send you a new STB. hope this helps.
Ah, guess I missed that thread, thanks! That's good that they are replacing. The guide is really slow and I lose signal quite a bit.
I just got an installation a few hours ago. The new box that come didn't even need a download said the Voom guy and installer.
jcato said:
Ah, guess I missed that thread, thanks! That's good that they are replacing. The guide is really slow and I lose signal quite a bit.

when you say you lose signal quite a bit. Do you mean that your signal gets so weak to the point where it totally blacks out? If so how often does this occur, and if you don't mind me asking, what state are you in? I'm awaiting an install for wednesday, and if I am able to get a decent signal (I'm in California) I'm worried about how reliable that that signal will be. Being a long time Directv customer, and never really having any issues like blackouts, (even during heavy rain/bad weather), I would really hate to start experiencing things like that. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Owners manual for Voom STB?

The installer stated there was no owners manual for my Voom STB.
I sure wish there was one I could get my hands on.
More specifically, I read here I should not use the diplexer for my OTA antenna. Ok, fine but which input should I use from my antenna?
the gray motorola box where your cable goes into is removeable, once you remove that it will reveal two inputs one for satellite and one for OTA
The one on the 8VSB module.
It does come with a user manual in the almost DVD sized case that has the little post-cards etc.. did you get that?

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