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Jan 26, 2004
What is the best way to dispose of 4 Direct receivers and 1 dish? We tried hooking up and couldnt get signal. Long story but we wound up with the equipment anyhow. Is there a market for this on ebay? Concern is these things are so cheap (since you can almost get them free by signing up) that nobody has a market for them here. Too bad they are not DISHNETWORK because I have some friends who could have used them if they were DISH.
If these are fairly new boxes you might be able to recover some $'s for them. I'd say to just search on e-bay and see if you see them out there and for how much.

Curious, how did you get stuck with them? I thought that if you couldn't get a line of sight that you wouldn't be stuck with the hardware.
One other thing you could do, is if you file Itemized Deductions on your taxes, you can donate those to a charity and use their fair-market value as a non-cash charitable deduction. You can compare prices from e-bay for the going rate for the equipment and use that as the fair market value. Just document the ebay prices and file in your tax folder.
Please reply by conversation.

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