Fantasy Baseball League

Says league manager was Sky Hi I can set one up if everyone tells me what a good draft date and time is.
I can do it again if need be.....I'd definitely like to do a live draft this year....
I can do it again if need be.....I'd definitely like to do a live draft this year....

It was live last year..Only thing i would like to change is being able to change our line ups daily as opposed to once a week..That sucked. :D
Was it live? memory is going! :)

I'm fine with daily lineups...maybe some other players can chime in.

How about a March 28th draft??? Sunday night? We can work from there. :)

Maybe we should change the name of this thread to Fantasy Baseball 2010....
Yea that date is fine by me, Im flexible, Illlet everyone else chime in and go with the masses..
As for the daily lineup, we all chimed in last season..LOL
If it's daily lineups I won't play. I can never remember to go in and change it, but you guys do what you want, I didn't play in it last year either.
Just because its daily does not mean you cannot set your line up weekly..The only thing that daily does is allow us to cahnge for injuries, or if someone is having a bad week or whatever..

Last season was terrible, I got 3 injuries in one week and was screwed for about 5 days. Daily lets us change it if need be mid week.

You can still set a weekly lineup. I do.
I'd like to be in as well... I'd be in for weekly or daily (although like Det said last year I got killed due to injuries on a Sunday or Monday)

I can also do the draft on 3/28. (We have so much coverage of the Phillies at home I thought the season started in the next week or two... hard to believe it's still a full month)
Ok. I have the league setup. Live Draft Sunday March 28th 9:30 PM Eastern. This doesn't have to be set in stone.

We're doing Head to Head Each Category (the same as this years ESPN basketball league) with daily transactions. PM me with your email address for an invite.

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