Fortec Lifetime Ultra issues

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Dec 16, 2008
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Ok here we go again folks....I got a Fortec Lifetime Ultra on Fleabay that I'm pretty sure was a hacked box. Got it for my brother as a spare receiver. Well got it today and went to boot it up...all we got was an LED on the left front panel that went back and forth. So does it sound like a firmware issue or other? It won't boot so I might be screwed. Any ideas. only paid $30 so not out to much. Thanks Blind
They used to call this Knight Ryder.....

The firmware is corrupted and the unit needs a j-tag. You should be able to find the parallel pin diagram and software online to fix this DOA unit.
Brian Thanks I figured it had hacker ware it. I'll see what happens. I'm going to see if the seller will take it back. Looks like the whole process is more than I'm wanting to do. I'm lucky I can get a computer to run let alone trying to load files...flash etc... in an FTa receiver. Live and learn i guess...Blind
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Sorry to hear this Blindowl, this is one very good reason why I myself would NEVER buy a used receiver from any online source. When I bought my latest toy on ebay I questioned the seller extensively before purchasing. I verified that the unit was new because he didn't know for sure, he had only said it was new to the best of his knowledge because he was a "lost freight" merchandiser. It turned out to be one of the best deals I ever bought on ebay, a brand new "Coolsat 6100 private" for $41 bucks, not a clone and it's black too, just what I wanted :) Hope the seller makes good on your deal.
I had a pansat

I bought 2 different receivers off Ebay one was totally a mess...the Other was a Pansat 250sm I think, the seller said it was in new like condition and worked but had a no return note. When it got here it did look new but when I hooked it up..blinky lights and wouldn't do anything else. Boxed it right back up and contacted the seller, he refused to take it back or refund any money. I contacted Ebay filed a complaint and contacted Pay-Pal...Needless to say after about 2 weeks I got a total refund and was told I could keep it. I returned it as it was not worth my troubles. I learned really fast not to buy a used receiver unless it is right in my hands and I can test it out first!

Really very sorry you had to go through this and hope the seller will do the right thing and refund your money. If he doesn't contact Ebay maybe they can settle it for you...
This is why I pay by cc so I can stop payment if the seller doesn't want to work with me. Good luck.
There are good deals though. I got a Pansat 2100A receiver for a co-worker to get RTV. Even though it's 8 years old and can't do much for me, it's perfect for him to watch the 2 RTV channels and it was still new and unused in the box for $15 shipped.
Well there is a 7 day refund on it less return shipping so there's hope. Long story short I try and pick up used stuff to help others learn about what FTA is about. Example, I'm certainly not rich by no means so I scrounged around for a system for my brother. I found a hot dish 90 for $35 almost new. A receiver I had that I got used, an extra lnb I had etc...He had heard me talk about FTA but didn't seem to interested. I told him I was putting in a system for him if he liked it fine if he didn't I'd remove it. He loves his little KU set up and is asking about Cband. I figure if my little labors of love ,cause others to realize the real benefits of FTA then, the word will spread. I have about $75 invested in his set up which I may never get back oh well. I know he couldn't afford it on his own, and he is enjoying it and telling others too. For me scrounging up used equipment is all about helping others and our great hobby. It is a shame that a lot of these hacker boxes will end up in a dumpster. They could be put to their original intended use....Blind:)
I had issues with some STB's I bought from E-Bay. One I bought, I needed the password to get to the main menu to do a factory reset...the seller didn't know it and it took a obscure post on another forum to find the password. Then on top of it all I still had to do a firmware update and then restore the FTA satellites selections.

The best deal I ever got was a Fortec Star for $15 shipped, FTA worked great out of the box.

I got a FLU at a garage sale last year for $15 with remote. Hooked it up and... dashing lights. Read around a bit, loaded factory bin and voila... worked. Took me less than 5 minutes and didnt have to jtag. My brother in law is now watching 97w on it. It wasn´t that hard and I thought it was a pretty good deal.
There are good deals though. I got a Pansat 2100A receiver for a co-worker to get RTV. Even though it's 8 years old and can't do much for me, it's perfect for him to watch the 2 RTV channels and it was still new and unused in the box for $15 shipped.

Dang I still have my 2100 too :)
Has a polorotor on the back....very rare
Hey, save those old stb's for the power supplies, you never know if you can use one later. I have about 18 receivers including old DirecTV and DN and recently used the power supply from a DirecTV Samsung stb and made it work in my friend's box.
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