Free - funky ViP 211?


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Feb 26, 2006
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I had to get a replacement for my 211. Dish sent me a 211K. Since the old receiver is larger it won't fit the 211K box for return so that prompted me to call TS. I was told that the 211 is obsolete and they don't want it back. That would also explain why the box did not have a 2-way label. I presume this is correct so does anyone here want my old receiver for any reason? Free of course and I'll even cover the shipping. (I still have the original box somewhere with proper padding.)
Chances are that this receiver is marked as leased and obsolete so we would not be able to activate it on any other account
Does DISH'S right hand know what it's left hand is doing? I just received a 211K Tues as a replacement for an owned 211K. It came from CO. with a return shipping label.
Correct...the K variant is not obsolete...and I realize my 211 can't be reactivated...maybe somebody wants it for parts or something beyond my comprehension...
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