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Mar 26, 2006
Just got a viewsat 2000 trying to to get it up and running, buddy down the road told me to aim the dish at about 33 degrees I turned the dish till i got a signal reading on the receiver,got a bunch of channels reciever keeps locking up probably 101 things that I did wrong no guide, doubles, triples and alot of french channels. Bell expressvu ads that I can see as a main theme (I couldn't tell which satelite I'm on) So where do I begin to right all these wrongs


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Sep 7, 2003
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Sorry Doulskter, The FTA Forum is to discuss the reception of unencrypted Free to Air signals and not how to receive Bell, Dish, DirecTV or any other service without paying. Since in your post you mention Bell adds, there is a possibility that this is ecactly what you as asking about. I am closing the thread but leaving it here until Iceberg or some one else who knows a little more about this can confirm my suspissions, or tell me I overreacted and reopen the thread.

Please send me or Iceberg a PM asking specifically what you are looking to receive (satellite locations, channels, and detailed descriptiom what equipement you have)

See ya
Please reply by conversation.

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