Got Installed Yesterday, No Software Update?


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Mar 28, 2004
I got installed yesterday, and thought the Update would have taken place last night, it's 6:23 AM EST and still at 5.08 instead of 5.68

I left the box on last night, should I have turned it off?

I also have some channels that don't work, they say I need a subscription, Moov and ABCFAM

I get lockups and just want this download to happen soon?

According to previous statements, all boxes are supposed to be upgraded on or before 4/6, which is today. If you call or e-mail customer service, I think they can send a "hit" to your box, and get the Neptune 5C download for you.
All boxes are supposed to be upgraded within the first 7 days after activation.Also you need to use the remote and put the receiver in standby(off) mode for the receiver to get the update.If you push the SAT button to turn off the receiver it will go into standby mode..have a good day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DIGITAL~DAN
Thanks for the replies, will the sofware update fix the problems I have with certain channels needing subscription, even some locals at times say to subscribe, I never heard or having to pay for OTA channels on DTV.

Steve :)
Software upgrade should fix that. There is no charge for OTA content. If you got the Va Va Voom package, you should get everything Voom offers except Playboy on 701.
I got the Standard package with Starz, but I should still receive Moov, and ABCFamily

szman167 said:
I got the Standard package with Starz, but I should still receive Moov, and ABCFamily


There are some problems with Moov last night (asking for subscription). I believe the ABCFamily must be having the same problems. Anyway. If you get Voom for $39/mth you get all SD channels + 21 HD exclusives channels. Let customers service that you are having this problem with both of these channels.
MOOV and ABCFAM are back after I sent an email earlier, now I will wait for the download tonight of 5.38

My box took the 5.38 update around 12:00 AM and now it looks great, except I saw a white mark on all chanenels that went away after turning off and on, I have seen this before with my Hughes HD Directv box in the past.

All in all Voom seems to be a keeper, Thanks for fixing a lot of nasty problems.


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