HS17-100 (For those wondering)

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  1. I think I'm going to sit this one out as well. I really enjoy 4K on disc but I'm just not into this new unit. HD up converted to 4K looks great, so I'm going to stick with my HR44/24's.
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  3. I'm looking forward to this development just because of the increase in tuners. 5 just isn't enough anymore, and it is too hard to try to manage recordings when you have to set them across multiple DVRs. I also like the idea of being able to put the main box with my router, etc since all the coax cables terminate there anyway. One major unanswered question is how user friendly this thing is going to be for swap outs, etc. This might mean the end of the order your hardware from a vendor and call to activate it yourself days. Since the current setup requires a PIN from your Genie to add a client unless each HS17 unit has a universal PIN that all clients can use to attach even adding or replacing a client would require a truck roll.
  4. The same way as you do now with an HR54/44/34.
  5. I don't understand your issue with the PIN number and clients. With the current HR34/44/54, when you go to an add client on the Genie it generated the PIN code there which you enter on any clients you're adding. All the Genie's doing is making sure that you don't add more clients then what the account had been authorized to have. Where I can see a possible problem is with wireless clients since I'd guess the SSID/Passphrase would be changing since the Genie is what's generating that on it's own, new Genie, new SSID. That means all the C41W's will be looking for the old HS17's SSID and not connecting, forcing the customer to have to reset all those clients.
  6. The issue is with the HS17 there is no TV connection. Based on the posted instructions it currently is setup by a special app on the technician handheld. With the HS17 unless they change the pairing system there won't be a way for the end user to pair clients because they can't go to "add client" on the HS17- there is no display. This means truck rolls for everything unless they change the current methods. That was my point
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    Good point, maybe they finally will got a system where they're looking at the account to see what S/N and/or MAC addresses are authorized on the account and you won't need to worry about a PIN?

    That could be a good thing maybe opening up allowing multiple Genie's on an account since right now
    you can game the system on the number of clients you have if you had multiple Genie's.
  8. Good Call. Maybe you will activate the mini online and it will store there the amount of SN's you have activated
  9. So has anybody confirmed if you can just have the HS-17 with a new dish and clients only? Or would the HS-17 still require its own dish but you could still have the old dish with the old equipment?
  10. we will not know until its actually released and directv tells us
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  11. Yeh still wayyyyyy too early... If i had to guess... they be allowed to co exist on a non standard install depending on how many tuners the HS-17 winds up finally using.. But i would say the days of ordering a HS-17 and 5 HR24's may be over
  12. its been over for many due to the $199 cost of each hr24
  13. That's pretty much a standard rate they've had all along.
  14. prior to the genie, you could get them for free
  15. You still can if your situation is right .... no telling what that requires though.
  16. With the two model numbers of the HS-17, I guess the 100 is by Technicolor and the 500 is by Humax? If so, could their also be two types of designs for the headless server? Maybe if one is by Technicolor is the one in the photo's were are seeing? On Humax's web site they show a headless server that looks like the HR-54. I know some say that is probably for cable companies because it has a cable modem built into it. However, what if the cable modem is just used for faster and better communications between the headless server and clients, especially using MOCA 2.0? Would that be better being headless but shaped like the HR-54?
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  17. Would their be a point that you couldn't refurbish the HR-24's anymore and they would have to send out Mini's as a replacement? They wouldn't send out HR-22's or HR-23's as HR-24 replacement right? :)
  18. They should Not send anything older than what you have out .... I have never seen that yet.
    Yes, there Will come a time when they move on from the Hr24s .... it's gonna be awhile UT it will happen eventually.
    However they would have to have something in line to take its place at that time.
    Maybe by then they will give out HR44s ....
  19. a mini is a downgrade from an hr24, it would be an unacceptable replacement imho
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  20. If based on past experience I wouldn't expect any difference between the -100 and -500 that the customer would see. I would also guess that there is no cable or DSL modem built into the box since DIRECTV usually doesn't include anything more then necessary to provide their service.
  21. if they are really releasing in august, they should be in production now, at least part procurment