IA-5 97.0 W FTA reception near Seattle?

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Oct 26, 2006
Hello all, I am new to FTA so bear with me if some of this does not make sense.

I live just north of Seattle, Washington and would like to receive the FTA programming on this satellite: 97.0 West IA-5 (Intelsat Americas 5).

Is there someone from this region that can tell me the smallest dish I can use to receive an acceptable signal? I have read online that a 36 in dish is recommended but want to know if anyone has had success with anything smaller up here.

I'm near seattle (a bit N of it)

Get as much dish size as you can. I have a 36" dish and many channels on IA5 are a bit weak. I'm using a TechSAT Tracker LNBF (0.3 dB NF which is very quiet)

Rain fade can be a problem especially in the winter.

If you can swing it, get a 1.2m (48") dish--some local dealers have them.

You won't regret a bigger dish, but you WILL regret it if you have too small of a dish when you're stuck inside during rainy winter evenings and lose the picture!

Get a quiet and stable LNBF (Invacom is very good (low noise) Norsat can be very stable (which can also help with signal reception) and the TechSAT Tracker can also be low noise.

Every fraction of a dB of signal is like gold or platinum! Aim carefully to get every bit of signal you can.
Thanks for the fast reply and information.

I won't be able to swing a 48" dish. My HOA covenents want to restrict homeowners to a 24" dish... (in violation of OTARD). I was hoping to hear that I could get away with a 30" as that might not attract much attention. I guess I could go 36" as that is within OTARD Protection (*as far as I understand.) but I know that will bring a fight.
Having lived and installed many dishes in the NW I will certainly suggest that the 36" dish will be recommended for reliable reception.

Two factors come into play.... 1) Rain fade / attenuation caused by heavy cloud cover 2) 30" dish not providing adequate 2 degree beam width rejection for signals from G16 at 99w.

If you go with a 30" dish, I would recommend the Winegard DS2076. This dish is manufactured well and outperforms in many an independent tests. A 30" dish will provide adequate reception except in heavy downpours, but will require precise aiming to help suppress possible interference from G16.
Totally agree !

I initially bought a 30" dish and lately have had a problem with some interference from the nearby satellites.(See thread http://www.satelliteguys.us/showthread.php?t=76679)

Therefore, I am forced to buy a bigger dish (>33") and throw away the 30" one.
(Is there a way to expand the dish ?!)

Lesson learned !
Im sitting about 70 miles south of you and using a 1M (just under 40 inches) without any problems which would be still within the protected size limitation (not that its any issue here since its pretty rural).

Thanks for all the replies and help. Im gonna shop around and will probably try out a 36....

As for this:

Nothing wrong with fighting fascism :)

Why not go all the way to a 1 meter?

I agree… I know I can win this battle. My concern is what it will bring down the road. I am afraid that it will draw attention and make me a target for all the little known covenants that I won’t be protected from. Not that I am untidy or anything like that but there are so many that everyone violates something every now and then.
What can sometimes be even more confusing is that "round" offset dishes are egg-shaped (slightly taller than wide). Sometimes people measure the height instead of width (a 36" dish is 39" tall)...
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