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  1. Well hopefully you will be able to make up for one you loss!!
  3. Y
    Yes I do American and their is an other one but I forget the name.
    But it's an antenna company that makes the Broadcasting antennas
    And I believe that they are out of mass and they have a lot of info on how it all works
    I hope you can find it,
  4. Ha Rabbit ears are we going to be disappointed of the out come?
    From your point of view,
  5. Well Navychop you are OVER looking the big picture CBS ABC the big guys
    Are all set with their repacking they lead the way for the rest.
  6. Wrong!

    Significant changes in frequency typically demand a change in altitude on the tower. If that height isn't available, a different tower must be found or built.

    The last time there was a repack was in June 2009 when they lopped off channels 52-69. The first repack was in 1983 when channels 70-81 were whacked to make room for the first cellular phones in the 800MHz range.
    Because they are in a hurry? What must happen is well understood and the physics of radio transmission hasn't changed since it was first used in 1900 so there aren't any excuses for not understanding what is required.
  7. Once again, please cite your source for this. Or are you of the school that if you say something loudly and often enough, it becomes true in spite of any evidence?

    I am a practicing electrical engineer and have also been a ham since 1963. Do you have any concept what an SWR of 2:1 has on a 1 MW output signal? Or how difficult it is to get SWR down at these power levels? Do you think the station engineer wants to have half of his output power reflected back into the transmitter, significantly lowering the radiated signal and at the same time having to somehow dissipate 500kW back into the station? That's what is going to happen (best case) for a station that must move from channel 40 to channel 30. The solution is to re-configure the antenna to be tuned to the new frequency. Simpler if the antenna is a simple vertical with a 360 degree radiated pattern, but most broadcast antennas have directed nodes. Now, not only the lengths of the active and passive elements must be adjusted, but the spacing must be adjusted as well. This may mean re-engineering supports for the passive elements or in worst case, moving a tower containing the passive radiators. This isn't something that can be done ahead of time while continuing to broadcast on the old frequency.

    The station faces a difficult choice. When the frequency swap occurs, it may need to go off the air for some time in order make the conversion, or it can build a new antenna and swap over quickly. Again, this isn't like plugging an antenna into the back of your TV or ham set. It will take days to weeks, depending.
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  9. you don't say and when u put them to close together they don't like that!
    Funney on how it all works,and the strangest thing can happen! Lol .
    And the tower's yes they have been playing with it for quite some time.
    Why is that because the Broadcasting tower's were old it's been awhile!
    Time for new ones for more information regarding this go to
    American tower,com a lot of good information and nolige.
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  11. 73 to you,good point,and don't forget about them ,SWR,they can kick your but
    Some times.LOL
  12. Yes they say they weigh like 3000:lbs.
    And I believe the Broadcasting antenna.
    Me is it mass,the tower's are new
    So when they put up the new one
    Is when it all happens,and the height .
    Of the tower's azz well but it been going
    On for quite some time now,they just didn't
    Deside to do it today you know,!!!
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  13. sigh. and these new towers just happened in secret, with nobody noticing, right?

    During the transition to digital, I was living north of Denver. The fights over new towers was huge and lasted nearly a decade of lawsuits and NIMBY (not in my back yard). Here in Milwaukee, I see no new towers, just the empty sites where the previous generation towers used to be.
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  14. The broadcaster's know where they've been assigned. That information was to go out back in February in a form letter according to Trip in posts 386 and 431. Whether they think they can weasel a different frequency after everyone has submitted their permits is the wildcard.
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    WHERE Did everyone go!!! I bet they went to the website.
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Of American tower,,,!!!!!!!!!!
    That is where the Broadcasters went off the air waves
    And you won't see new ones you will be in what they
    Call a ded zone and if you're going to try receive ing
    Broadcasting tower's in them state's where there are no
    Broadcasting tower's a good deepfringe tv antenna
    Should work fine with an mast mount amp,to receive it.
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  16. Yes, this is relevant, lol.

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  17. There is nothing funny, strange, alien or unusual about the physics of radio wave propagation. It is:

    1. Entirely predictable

    2. You can't change it -- you can't even tweak it.
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  18. Ha harsh don't mean to bust that bubble,
    But the wildcard is dun being played.
    The permits are all passed. Out and dun!!I
    The new channel listing will be out soon.
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  19. Yes you can Harsh by moving the antenna up or down in height!!!
    That's why some tower's are Hier and some lower that is how you T, it
    That is how you trim an antenna ? Same thing happens when you ras
    Or lower the tower?
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  20. Wrong again!

    The process apparently goes something like this:

    1. The stations that are moving to a different frequency were notified by confidential mail of their new channel assignments in February 2017 (hardly enough time to get everything processed by now)
    2. A public announcement of the auction results will be made (this should be coming soon)
    3. The stations have three months from the announcement of the auction results to apply for new licenses and obtain tower construction permits at their newly assigned frequency
    4. When all of the licenses have been received, there is a "second window" opportunity to ask for a new frequency and submit another license application associated with yet a different frequency or different services
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  21. You're assuming that there isn't already another antenna there. I'll bet that very few broadcast TV towers have just one antenna on them.

    Moving an antenna doesn't change is tuning. You have to make modifications to the antenna itself as jayn_j noted previously. Of course this all assumes that you don't need to use some sort of newfangled antenna array to tailor the coverage pattern of your signal to protect some other station that's using the same frequency since there's going to be a whole lot more of that going on.
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