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  1. As I quoted a pundit earlier, she didn't think there would be a public announcement of the assignments -- only the auction results.
  3. From the FCC website.

    The results of the repacking process will be announced by public notice and will include any new channel assignments for television stations.
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  4. The Public Notice will contain the new channel assignments when it is released. I am not allowed to offer a timeframe.

    - Trip
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  5. That's what they said in January. April is a whole new quarter with a decidedly different commission. The latest public notice (March 30) is perhaps less comprehensive:

    From a January announcement it is notable that there may be a certain amount of wheeling and dealing going on such that stations may ask for different channel (aka Second Window):

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    It was placed on the website in February. It remains on the website even in April. We will see what they announce. Personally I have more skepticism about the mid April date than on whether it will include channel assignments. But again we will see.
  7. So that nobody is confused or taken by surprised, I've closed all Incentive Auction threads aside from this one this morning, and will close this one to replace with a new sticky one when the FCC releases the new channel assignments.

    - Trip
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  9. Just keep looking at the,fool antenna report I myself look at it
    To see if the Fcc has updated yet and I think that's the fastest
    Way to find out,
  11. Though depending on your market and/or what channels are important to you. You may have wait for up to three years before you can install this, since that is the post-auction time allotted for the clearance of all TV stations off the 600 MHz band to be completed.

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  12. Just enough time to grab a few of them at lower prices, before the sellers jack them even higher in price.

    Does anybody have an approximate time frame listing for the various "phases" that are listed in the stations new assignments?
  13. If you read carefully, I think you'll find that the deadline is 39 months from the forthcoming announcement of the auctions results. Phase 1 stations are expected to have completed their transition before August of 2018. Suggesting that the end of the process is the likely interval isn't logical. The chart shows the deadline to be 35 months after the public announcement with some extra weeks for hardship transitions.


    It isn't reasonable to assume that the future reception solution is necessarily incompatible with the current channels unless you require an array of precisely tuned antennas.

    Of course the NAB and other broadcasters have been applying a full-court press of late trying to convince everyone that the deadline must logically be unrealistic. The only thing that seems unrealistic to me is that they're going to be able to squeeze in ATSC 3.0 but that's entirely the broadcaster's problem.
  14. A consumer yagi should be broadband in able to receive the full range of channels.

    In my mind the bottleneck is that a repack is going to cause major frequency shifts for some broadcasters. This is not easily done. The transmitters are high power and designed for a small range of frequencies. Feed lines are balanced for frequencies as well. Antennas are cut to length to optimize SWR at a particular frequency. Even towers are often designed to direct signals based on the broadcast frequency. Moving from a UHF band down to VHF low will very likely cause the broadcaster to replace up to 80% of the equipment, even potentially a new tower. And none of that addresses the ATSC 3.0 topic which is lurking.

    It is naive to say that most stations are ready for a quick change. The winners will be those stations already broadcasting VHF.
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  15. Just two months allotted for construction permitting? Now that's realistic.
  16. I was in Lowe's the other day and saw a primarily UHF RCA antenna advertising 4K capability on its packaging. Trying to receive VHF low on a Yagi-Uda that features a reflector of less than three feet in length isn't going to be pretty.

    The marketroids seem to be increasingly emboldened to add more and grosser misrepresentations of what their products will do. Oh, but we said "up to" and that makes everything all right.
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  17. I'll give you that one. I was considering a full range antenna. Unfortunately, most of the antenna listings just show the useless 4k or 1080i verbiage and not the intended channels. Most of these flat antennas are going to be absolutely useless on VHF (channels 2-13). Oh, and when you are looking at channels, you need to look at the real channel and not the virtual channel mapping. You can find that on a site like tvfool.
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  18. Like those cheap Chinese antennas on Ebay that advertise 150 mile reception. Always good for a laugh. One of my friends has one and I tried it, it performed no better than a typical small profile UHF antenna. And it was flimsy and cheaply built. Would never survive a winter or tornado season here!

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  20. Well you guys are haf right but azz far azz the tower's go most of them are pretty much all set.
    Broadcasting and repacking and all the rest have been going On for quite some time.
    Why do you think the Fcc is only going to give a short time for the Broadcasting industry a
    Time limit,? And yes them cheep antennas so true!!
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  21. You got any links or proof that stations have been working on tower, etc, replacements? Especially since they mostly don't know, STILL, what frequency they may be on in the future? And that key piece of data drives tower and equipment decisions?
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