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  1. Do you suppose that your viewpoint is widely shared among the majority of your fellow Lafayette residents?
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  3. Don't really care but most likely NOT
  4. So with this auction I will more than likely lose the OTA HD for saving the MeTV, Heroes and Icons, Antenna TV, Grit, GetTV, ION.
    MeTV and H&I are on a full power SD station.
    Antenna TV is a sub on a LP HD Station (ASN 720p)
    Get/Ion is on a full power hd 1080 KLFY
    Grit is on a 720p ABC/CW station
    the other 3 of the big six are on the same station....(which one is a LP NBC Channel).
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  5. It is pretty pointless to speculate what will happen until it becomes clear what channels are available and who is going to choose to buddy up with whom. Major networks sharing an RF channel will certainly squeeze out most, if not all, of their respective subchannels.

    There may actually be a couple of subchannel sheddings if the broadcasters in your area aren't looking ahead to an ATSC 3.0 roll-out.
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  6. Yeah will see as time goes...
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  7. And like everywhere else, aren't "most" Lafayette residents just JSP types anyhow who have satellite or cable which may still receive a fiber or microwave HD feed from the local station?

    Or if not still won't really notice or care about the softer PQ of dropping to SD as long as the station maintains the 16:9 aspect ratio to fill the customers' screens?

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  8. Rest assured, those who care about such things tend to be a pretty vociferous bunch. They also represent the class of viewers that spend money on things.

    I think it would be impossible to argue that Dragnet or The Andy Griffith Show should take any kind of precedence over Prime Time in HD.
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  9. So you Guy's say you can't receive O T A , with an outdoor TV antennas and only can use a dish for TV why not ?
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  10. Money and line-of-sight to the requisite satellites for two possible and entirely reasonable reasons.
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  11. Incorrect. The TV band will be channels 2-36 after the post-auction transition is completed.

    - Trip
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  12. My mistake. That picture was old, so I deleted it.
  13. That's OK TV,monitor or,mobile device while historically the,bureau and the office of Engineering and Technology (OET) interpreted the all channels provision to mean that any TV receiver that includes an over -the-air digital (ATSC)tuner must also include an over-the-air analog(NTSC)tuner, I don't see that much channels go out I think 2,to49 I ran into an old channel line up from the 2nd w w and that is what I think it will be
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  14. What is JSP
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  15. Maybe JavaServer Pages ?

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  16. Joe six packs
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  17. You rang? :biggrin
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  18. Thanks ;)
  19. Since I know what JSP is, I can answer your question. Your exactly right.
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  20. Dish is on it's way out Atsc 3.0 FCC gives Green light
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  21. Please explain your logic on this. How is the new ATSC 3.0 standard going to put Dish "on it's way out"?
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