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  1. I can't wate 3.0 and the mobile TV and will I receive it with my outdoor TV antennas Hi & low vhf /UHF channel master 7777amp and channel Master top box 70001,
  3. I see a sunset for my DTVPal DVR. Sad.

    I won't be buying a replacement until such has ATSC 3. Probably be pricey first couple years or three.

    Any bets on what year Dish will offer ATSC dongles for Hoppers?
  4. Probably never. Once Tmobile or Verizon buy Dish, they'll run it into the ground. IP is the future of TV, and in 10 years the only people using Dish will be in rural areas. Hey, don't blame me, I'm just the messenger. ;)
  5. But, wow .... what a money loser that would be if it happens ...

    The cost of maintaining a fleet of satellites (on two arcs in the case of dish) and the supporting ground infrastructure would be way beyond the revenue received from servicing mostly rural customers.

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  6. Couldn't agree more... but I look into my magical crystal ball and that's what I see... hopefully I'm wrong ;)
  7. How many and what kind of customers would find such a service attractive could conceivably swing either way. There was a time when DISH offered just local channels and with the other channels being inundated with so much trash, some manner of lifeline broadcast service many become a lot more popular. I can't imagine how people think that everyone watching different things over the Internet at once is going to work.
  8. I don't want to get too far off topic, as this forum is about the Incentive Auction, but with regards to a mass exodus away from satellite, it can work in cities. It's the rural areas that will suffer, as they do now. I bet Cable will last longer than satellite. People already stream monumental amounts of video 24/7 and I haven't heard of any tremendous backbone collapse. My 13-year-old daughters have absolutely no use for video on a TV. All their video is delivered via mobile, which brings me back to this present topic and ATSC 3.0: it makes sense for the broadcasters to embrace it because they can reach younger viewers where they are: on their mobile and cellular devices.
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  9. No kidding
  10. The list of station owners in Lafayette reminds me of the worst starting 5 in NBA.

    Cordillera, Nexstar, Bayou City Broadcasting, Delta Media, Wilderness.

    We dont have big name superstars like New Orleans Stations, Tegna, Raycom, Tribune, LeSea, HEARST.

    However I am happy with the subnets, 7 better than 0.

    Go ahead you gonna be a smart@$$ to me I'm use to it
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  11. He sounds like he's confusing himself in the article.
  12. Huh? Dish was late to the game with locals. Providing them is when they took off.
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  13. I was speaking to their locals package where you could subscribe just to your local channels without any of the cable channels. I think it was around $6/month.
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  14. But are you prepared to give up HD to keep your precious diginets?
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  15. Yes, I miss that option.
  16. Rong form go to the dish form thanks like $300!
  17. If you think about it, this is the wrong thread to be discussing ATSC 3.0.

    That said, the repack surely has a huge impact on the implementation of a future modulation standard as it makes it much, much harder absent the channels that are going away. The previous repack trailed the DTV transition by three years (although it seems like the vacation was only completed recently -- assuming it has actually been completed). This repack precedes any expected transition.
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  18. Well good day everyone looks like i am not the only one upon the vhf that's why I bring up the old school stuff and sometimes older work's better then the new when so if you have a top box it to receive it it gives them phones a break ?
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  19. Well did I read that right 43,vhf and u don't say digital ? And the TV toner sucks in TV's to day why is that and the 3,0 ,back from 2nd,w,w it's 5ime to blow the dustey tube off let's see what happens nexts broadcasting stashions. I think c ,sat . dish are in trouble by the way what channel is it t CBS or fox ?
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  20. What is the weather like in Southbridge? Probably unseasonably warm.
  21. Yep
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