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Feb 22, 2004
Northern, NJ
Higher Bradband Speeds Next week?

I got a call yesterday from an automated calling attendant informing me that Comcast will be upgrading their data services to higher broadband speeds next weeek (I'm in Northern New Jersey). They didn't provide any other info. Does anyone know anything about this?
Last edited: is reporting that Comcast is planning to increase the 6/384 tier to 6/768 and the 8/768 tier to 16/1 in certain areas.

I am in CT so i hope that includes me. So far the reports are only in NJ in response to FIOS.
That's great thanks!!! I have 8/768 now, I got it on a promo for $29.99 for 1 year contract. I see the Verizon trucks all over NJ and it's really putting the pressure on comcast. Hopefully it will include CT.
Verizon is definitely putting the "heat' on Comcast! Gotta love REAL competition!
October 17th we go up to 768/6 from 384/6.
I was told by customer service that you must recycle the modem to obtain new speeds. Does anyone know if threre is any truth to that?
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I was told by customer service that you must recycle the modem to obtain new speeds. Does anyone know if threre is any truth to that?

I've heard that it is typically needed to power cycle the modem in order to obtain the speeds. Sometimes they get the update without the power cycle sometimes they don't. Seems to depend on the model of the modem.
Comcast suffered a major system crash in Florida on Wednesday, Oct 25 at 1340 hrs which began in Miami and is now at 1230 hrs Oct 26 affecting the entire state of Florida. It is affecting with intermittent outages in some areas and complete blackout of all digital services in other areas.

I am on Verizon wireless service now. The speed here of EVDO is 768 / 125 consistent using

My Comcast service normally runs 6.2/768
We have a 10/1.5 tier here, and a lot of times to upgrade from a 5/1 level a newer modem is needed, as people have had their old modem for years and it is not DOCSIS 2.0 compliant or is not able to upgrade the firmware to handle the new speeds. And Im not talking about 5 year old modems either. Ive seen fairly new Motorola modems not get the speed, but a 6 month old Webstar modem on the same cable will fly on a speedtest.

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