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  1. Updating now... That bug was incredibly annoying.
  3. The one that's really causing heartburn around here is the calculator bug where it doesn't catch all key-presses. Interpreting goofy characters is one thing but missing functions or numbers in calculations is downright dangerous.
  4. Apple just updated their test procedure to add:
    • Input all keyboard characters in a text field to confirm the correct letter, number, symbol, etc is shown
  5. Never saw the i bug on any of my devices. Not sure why. I did see a few tweets with the incorrect characters included. Was it only a Twitter issue?
  6. I never saw it either, but I don't tweet so if that is the only place it occurred then I wouldn't have.
  7. It appeared for me yesterday in the Sat Guys app right before the update was released. But some of my friends dealt with it for several days.
  8. I've seen it was reported as an animation bug that prevents keyboard input while the orange operand key (+, -, x, ÷) animation is running. I notice that the numbers being keyed, while being animated, don't prevent other numbers being entered, just the operands.
    I think navychop got bit by that bug. A number of his entries recently had the "A []" trademark.
  9. OUCH! Not seen on my iPhone. Time to update iOS.

    Odd, while typing this I got a notification that required carrier settings were updated. T- Mobile.
  10. Well that iOS update took about 9 minutes to download, and over twice that to install.

    I assume any odd characters are now gone. I I I.

    Funny thing is, after the carrier update, my Wi-Fi signal indicator went up. Surely a carrier update would have nothing to do with Wi-Fi?
  11. It might if the phone decided to switch bands or found another router.

    It has been my experience that T-Mobile holds Wi-fi connections that take the load of their network in very high regard. It is really difficult to explain to users that they can't use their unlimited phone plan to listen to music and watch videos because the traffic is actually being routed over our modest Internet connection. T-Mobile isn't at all apologetic about the fact that we have to upgrade our broadband at significant additional expense to handle their traffic for them.
  12. iOS 11.2 beta 2 has an annoying glitch on the iPad Pro, when occasionally the dock bar will appear 1/3 up the screen, and the only fix is a reboot. More than a little annoying.

  13. Thanks for being on the bleeding edge, Mike! Thanks to brave folks like you, bugs like this get fixed before the release of iOS 11.2...
  14. I’ll ship you another case of Bactine, for those arrows in your back.
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  15. Alas, like certain satcaster's beta program, a relatively large number of pretty obvious bugs seem to be surviving the attempts at extermination.

    It's one thing when the bug is obscure and doesn't get visited much like a memory leak or a security pinhole but it is something else entirely when it is right in your face.
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  16. Following up on this, I just found out today that Pocket Casts can do what you were asking for. If you go into any podcast subscription and long press the play button it gives you a “play all episodes from here” option.
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