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Wow! It looks like Windows 10 "Creators Edition" might have made F@H really pucker up! Scorpy and I are currently the only ones over a million PPD.
Wow! It looks like Windows 10 "Creators Edition" might have made F@H really pucker up! Scorpy and I are currently the only ones over a million PPD.
I was away last week and two of my folding machines were turned off.:( I haven't had a chance to reactivate them yet.
If I'm not being too nosy, how many machines do you have this running on to be hitting a million PPD?
Two (well, three). My ten year old MacPro 1.1 running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS has two NVIDIA GPUs (1060 and 970). The other system is a Dell Precision T7400 workstation I got a heck of a deal on. It's running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and has a GTX 1070 and a GTX 960.

Finally, I have a 5K Retina iMac that is running the Mac version of the FAH Client. I have it running at there lowest setting so it doesn't make too much noise, but the CPU is good for an additional 16K PPD.
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Its been interesting getting into this. I've learned quickly its a whole lot more about the video cards. I've got it running on a few machines at home, and a couple spares at work, but the only real good point grabbing video card is the GTX 670 in my home machine. All my work computers are CAD machines with Quadro cards, and the Xeon processors seems to outpoint the Quadros in those boxes.
Sometimes I despise Windows! @#$% Creators Edition broke FAH again. No OpenCL.dll. then c000007b errors. After reinstalling the nvidia drivers it seems to be working. Time to get my Linux Mint box back up and running.
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Congratulations to gdarwin who just passed 6,000,000 Points and DWS44 who passed 3,000,000 Points on the way to 4,000,000 in another day! Way to Fold!!!

I may need to regress my MacPro back to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. There is something in the 16.04 release that knows my MacPro is on a UEFI platform and wants to activate the Secure Boot option, so the NVIDIA driver picks this up. Unfortunately, it prevents the NVIDIA Driver from installing and I can't disable the Secure Boot option because I don't have video in the pre-boot environment because the GTX cards aren't flashed for Mac.

It seems my daily production takes a 10% - 15% hit due to the version I was able to get working. But still, it seems like I'm whining compared to all the others here who are also impacted by Windows Folding.
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Public Service Announcement: I had the CPU slot on my Dell Workstation stall with a "Core Outdated" message, The problem was a Project that used a beta version of the Core_a7 but got released into the general Project flow. I had to delete the CPU slot and add it again to get a new WU following Joe_H's instructions here: Re: Core doesn't update
Question for you all. Decided it was time to upgrade my graphics card on my home machine! Should be here later in the week to play with next weekend. Do I need to reconfigure anything in the FAH client for it to pickup the new card, or will it pickup the new one automatically?
It should pick it up. You may have to go and add the new GPU slot and set up how hard you want it to fold.
It should though find it all by itself.
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