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  1. Still can't get Unforgiven.
  3. I lucked up and Bbuy got some in I guess, and shipped em out.

    I did not find it dark like a lot of posters, I mean its dark but in the scenes it is, I feel it was meant to look that way. The day shots outdoors are beautiful. Overall, many of the black crush complaints are people who do not have properly calibrated HDR10 modes IMO.

    I can't wait to watch Logan, but I am holding off until I get the new speakers setup. Prob watch office Christmas Party Monday night.
  4. Last: xXx: Return of Xander Cage

    Great Audio and video quality. Bass got a work out. One of the mindless movies where you just sit back and go along for the ride.

  5. Love the xXx movies (along with Fast & Furious), might have to get ...Saw Logan at theater, but ready to watch again hopefully next Saturday.
  6. Last: Sing and Passengers

    Both were pretty good. Audio and video on Passengers was excellent.

  7. Finally got Unforgiven today. Cancelled my Amazon order. Since none of the stores around me have it, I ordered it online. It was supposed to arrive 6/7.
  8. Dang. I am going to try out Great Wall tonight.
  9. Great Wall UHD

    I must be easy to entertain, it was fun. Visuals were outstanding and the audio was good too. Lots of LFE.
  10. Logan

    What a great freaking movie. As a long time wolverine fan, I loved it, finally a proper portrayal of Logan.
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  11. Last: Unforgiven

    One of my favorite movies. Nice presentation.
  12. Last: The Great Wall

    It was OK. Audio and video were excellent, though.
  13. Man, the video on Great Wall, especially the colors, were WOW. The audio was fun too, felt like those drums were in my living room.
  14. Great wall is one of those movies that no one would even miss if it wasn't made. Kind of pointless and plotless.

  15. Yep. At least it had eye and ear candy.
  16. Last: John Wick

    Don't ever mess with a man's dog. Audio was out of this world.

    Next: John Wick 2

    Hope they don't mess with his new dog.

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  17. Last: John Wick: Chapter 2

    Another non-stop action movie. Tons of fun and superb audio. Video was nice, too.

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  18. I saw Guardians 2 at the theater yesterday, took my dad. The DLP FP's don't quite have near the CR of an OLED, and there are numerous scenes in that movie that would look great with HDR, I really hope we get a 4K release.
  19. I watched Wolverine in both blu-ray and 4K and can't tell the difference between them

  20. With HDR?

    HDR on Wolverine was obvious to me. What is your display and what kinda nits does it do?
  21. Judge Dredd

    PQ still had its 2D issues like the Blu, but a lot of it was still nice. Audio was good.
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