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  1. John Wick 2

    Excellent audio and video. Fun movie.
  2. I have the LG 60UH8500. nits?
  3. Nits = light output

    It looks like it has around 600 nits in HDR which is not bad at all, but the black level is pretty high which can knock down that perceived contrast ratio that HDR brings. That is why I was curious about what model, the shame with UHD so far is how much you experience it depends mostly on which display you have right now. Experiences vary greatly, and I even see some websites reviewing blu-rays with substandard equipment for a professional review (IM) anyways.

    Many of the areas where HDR were obvious to me in Logan were night shots, and if an LCD has an elevated black level, that will cut down on that "pop".
  4. Last: Power Rangers

    It wasn't too bad. They could have done without the Go, Go, Power Rangers. At least it was only once.

    Next: ???

  5. LOL. Watching either that or Life tonight.
  6. Last: Independence Day

    Of course. It's the week of the 4th.

    Next: Resurgence

  7. Power Rangers

    It was OK, like that they made the feel a little more darker, PQ and AQ were very good.
  8. Life

    Outstanding PQ and AQ. I enjoyed the flick, wife not so much.
  9. Last: Kong: Skull Island

    Like JP3, could easily be skipped. Audio and video were great, though.

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  10. JP3 was better than II!!!
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  11. Kong Skull Island

    Enjoyed it, just fun monster action. 940E did a great job too.
  12. Resident Evil Vendetta

    Movie was OK, if you like video game stuff. UHD was all over the place, but about midway they have some fighting in the city during the day, it looks great, last 20 mins is fabulous and the final monster looks very realistic and colorful.
  13. Ghost in the Shell

    I liked it, but I was a fan of the cartoon, etc... Great use of specular highlights in certain areas and the sound was good.
  14. Watched Ghost in the Shell, too. It as OK. Wasn't quite my cup of tea. It did have good audio and video.

    Next: Fate of the Furious

  15. I'm probably going 5th Element or King Arthur tonight. I do not get the complaints of some forum folks on GITS, I think we have gotten to a point if a movie is mastered with lighter blacks, people just complain. It wasn't a deal breaker on GITS, I've seen much worse.

    I do wish people could use the John Wick type inky blacks more, but I guess it is a production choice, or equipment limitation. Not sure if it is the Arri or Red system, but one is always noticeably not as good as the other. I discovered that whichever one it is, has a common issue in every movie it is used, so I just stopped worrying about. You can sit there and hound over the image, or you can enjoy the movie.

    Ive also found that due to better screen uniformity and video processing, the higher black level movies look better on the LCD than the OLED.
  16. Last: Fate of the Furious

    Now that was a fun movie. Audio seemed a bit constrained.

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  17. King Arthur

    I liked it, but I am a fan of Guy Ritchie. Really cool use of HDR highlights at times, especially the last fight, but I agree with the AVS review that it is kinda subdued in other areas. Movie had a softer image at times, but then could be razor sharp, so I figured it was just the way it was shot.