Linkbox 9000i

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  1. I haven't actually looked to see if there's an app update on their website. It would be nice to have Roku and a couple others. Had a friend show me how it worked in his smart TV, and there's a ton of channels available without a subscription. We look up westerns a couple weeks ago, and it said they were 438 available for viewing. I could live with that.
  3. Well the writing is on the wall honestly, tv will be mostly consumed via internet subscribed tv. More and more people are cutting the cord, many of those are purchasing subs to netflix and hulu. Many others are subing to PS Vue, Sling and Directv now. Disney will be launching a web channel that will have an exclusive live action star wars show and CBS has the web only star trek show now. So a box that is in line with what I hoped a Wetek play 2 would have been is probably high in demand. I may get my wetek out and play with it some now that its my slow season but it may end up giving me an ulcer too. Long story short is that the way our setup is now the wife doesnt get the changing HDMI inputs on the tv so the tv stay on which ever input i leave it on during the day. If its on the roku thats what she uses, if its on the linkbox she watches whatever is on the linkbox. And to be honest its pretty handy to have everything in one spot. I have contemplated buying one of the new channel master ota dvr units since it has netflix, sling, ect but no FTA BUT the wife would have her locals and a dvr very much like what we had when we were on the pizza pan dish (means she will be much happier). Bt at the end of the day considering im saving more then 100 bucks a month im personally happy to swap inputs.
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