Lost signal for AMC4 ( 101 )

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Jun 11, 2009
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Hi All,

I am sorry for posting here but I am still unable to post on the FTA forum. I don't know why.

I set up my DirecTV Worldvision (36") w/Ku lnb to view 101 and consequently I was also able to receive channels from the 103 sat on the same lnb. I had the dish on a tripod and decided it was time to move it to the roof and make it stationary.

The mast is plumb, dish is set to correct EL/AZ and Skew. However, I am able to get good signal on 103 still but can't get anything on 101. Any ideas are most welcomed. Thanks.
Hey All,

Well I started from zero 'again' and reset all settings, i.e. EL/AZ & Skew, for sat 101. Unfortunately, I can't hit 101 but instead can hit sat 103. It is a straight forward thing to set the settings on this issue but still can't hit 101 from Brea, CA. :confused:
I am not sure what you are trying to do. Please clarify.....

Are you trying to receive 103 and 101 (AMC4) satellites at the same time with the DirecTV Worldvision dish using a single KU LNBF?


Are you now only able to receive 103 and you want to receive 101 (AMC4) instead?

BTW: The strongest transponder on 101 is 3ABN at 11822 H 5700 and will be easier to aim the dish. 12120 V 30000 is on the 101 (AMC4) satellite, but it is considerably weaker transponder.
I am now only able to receive 103 and I want to receive 101 (AMC4) instead.

Select Satellite AMC4 KU, LNB LO 10750, Transponder 11822, Polarity H, Symbol Rate 5700.

Lower the dish by one degree, pan the dish east 3 degrees and rotate the LNBF (or dish) clockwise 24 degrees (standing in front of the dish). You are very close!
Thanks SatelliteAV,

You know what though, I had the dish set up on a tripod all was working well and I was primarily getting the 101 sat along with some 103 sat channels on one LNB. I took the dish off the tri-pod to place on mast on roof. In the process I accidently reset my box ( Coolsat 4K Pro ). When I went back into settings to set for 101 sat, I could no longer get any green bars regardless of the TP. ( I can get 103 sat OK though.)

This is pretty much what happened.
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