My Azbox Premium keeps booting



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Feb 25, 2010
Hi Guys,

It`s brand new, as I connected it just keeps booting over and over... Tried to boot from the USB stick with a firmware but doesn`t work...
What`s going on???



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Apr 26, 2006
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Hi Nick4me,

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I would try two things. First, turn power completely OFF and disconnect your AC line plug or simply turn the power switch on the rear of the receiver OFF. Then disconnect ALL your cables and power the receiver back up once again. If you do this, does it still continually reboot?

If it does, then we can probably rule out anyproblems with externally connected equipment.

Next thing that I would try is to download a new firmware. Make a copy of this firmware and paste that copy on your USB flash drive. Rename the copy on the USB drive as "patch" and then insert that USB drive in your AZBox and when the AZBox reboots, see if it will take you automatically to the boot selection menu. If it does not, remove the USB drive and rename the firmware there as "patch.bin" and try it again.

If the AZBox does not take you to the BOOT menu screen, then try this other option. When the receiver is going through it's boot-up sequence and you see the VLF display on the front of the AZBox showing "CHECKING...", press the OK button on your remote several times to try and FORCE it to enter and display the BOOT MENU.

If you can force this BOOT MENU to appear, then you can select option #1 (USB) and press OK. If the file has been renamed properly, then the receiver will identify it. You may have to try it once again with the file renamed as "patch" and as "patch.bin".

I would start with these tests first, but please be sure to read this stickie post:

If none of these options work, let us know and we’ll ponder another avenue to test.

Good luck.



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Jul 20, 2010
I'm having the same problem I've tried all above solutions and more but still keeps booting...any help please.
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