Need some assistance for thelist (113 & 116.8)

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Nov 17, 2003
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As some of you know, thelist is updated usually by qwert1515 and myself. He does the KU and I work on the C-Band stuff. But I need some help with a couple sats

Satmex6 & 5 have usually kicked my butt signal wise so I do not get a good enough results for thelist to be updated. Now Satmex 5 at 116.8 is having some orbital issues so last night when I scanned 116.8 I only got about 10 channels and the Education mux. I know there is more out there but I think my 6 footer just isnt cutting it

If someone with either a larger dish or in the Southern US (where the footprint is better) can scan 116.8 & 113 and send me a Channelmaster file (or post it here) that would be great. Then we can get thelist updated :)

Thanks guys!
I get pretty much every channel on those sats so here you go Ice

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scanned less than a month ago
113 @ 116.8 western NY

These are the results from western New York on Satmex 5 and Satmex 6 .I only get on average 55% q up here , i hope it helps .


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thanks guys!
much appreciated.

hmmm....panhandler shows 97 channels total (87/10) and John shows 100 channels (98/2)

Satmex6 is 31 for John, 36 for Panhandler
Satmex5 is 67 for John, 61 for Panhandler

conversely I get 41 on Satmex6 (31/10) but only 32 on Satmex5

Thanks again!
Please reply by conversation.

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