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Jan 24, 2006
OK I got my old Pansat out and wored everything up. I have a pansat 2700a with a 30in wineguard and a DMC International ASC 3221S with a SG2100 motor. Zip is 49505 and elevation is set to 47deg on the motor. True south should be AMC2 @ 85w. Now for the lnb type is that standard or Universal 1 or??? Any witht the motor should I use usals or 1.2? Thanks again!!!! I am not getting a thing off amc 2 no quality.
AMC 2 is mainly active during weekends. You'll discover that when you blindscan that on saturdays especially after the noon hour.

I'm not able to google that LNB for some reason. What model is it? Are there any other numbers or things you know about the LNB? sorry for not knowing but I'm not familiar with that LNB.

what channels are you after?
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Ok I fould AMC 4 with 1.2 usals does not find it? Any reason why usals doesnt work? Mainly looking for news feeds etc. Thanks
So let me get this right if I set my true south to AMC2 USAls should be able to move to the rest with no prob? What if I can't find AMC2? Is there anything on there now?
I think you misfingered your keypad and you meant DMS International ASC321S for your lnb. For that lnb, the lnb type is set to Standard in the Pansat. I'm not familier with your Pansat 2700a, I have the 3500s and I use USALS exclusively. The only reason I can think of the USALS is not working for you, is maybe you haven't set your latitude and longitude in the Pansat? Or, your LOS (line of sight) is off? Good Luck!

Ok it looks like my dish may be off a bit. If I get AMC 4 in with 1.2 then switch to USALS the quality dips about 30% so out to move it and make sure pole is plumb.
Some satellite positions MUST be set using DiSEqC 1.2 No big deal :)
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