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Jan 25, 2011
When you have dish farm do have to care what your neighbors think? I keep getting told when you get your own home you have to worry about what your neighbors think. I believe when you get your own home you can do what you want as long no rules or laws against it. What do you guys think?


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Sep 25, 2016
South Gate
I think that's one point of having your own home, so you can do what you want! Paint it whatever color you want, plant whatever trees/flowers you want...etc...etc...and that includes a dish farm!
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May 8, 2016
N. Colorado
My 2 neighbors dont much care for me im sure, and i don't much care for them. My other neighbor is cool. All 3 must think im crazy.


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Jan 25, 2011
My mom was telling me that when you get your own home you can't do what you want because of city rules or state and federal laws. One of my bosses tells me when looking for a home he says you can't put up satellite dishes because the neighbors don't want that. I say if its your property and your not breaking the law who cares ONE DAY I WILL HAVE MY OWN HOME WITH MY OWN DISH FARM. Most of the time people are working and don't take the time to notice your dish farm.
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Aug 12, 2012
Cape Cod - MA.

I think it many cases it depends on how you set up your dishes in your yard and how they are displayed.
Personally I wouldn't care if my next door neighbors had a dish farm...which they don't.
For me, one or two dishes is enough in my yard. However, I've seen some pics of dish farms with large dishes scattered all over, ruining what was a pretty yard.
Different priorities for different people I guess.



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Oct 18, 2010
New Mexico
It's up to you whether you care what your neighbors think or not.

For me, I do care, and try to accommodate them. But I'm not going to let them dictate my lifestyle. I have 8 dishes spreed over 2 acres and did it in a way so the dishes aren't in their face.

I have great neighbors (all two of them). We get along well and help each other out. But we all have our quirks and we each try to overlook that in each other. I have my dishes, they have their ATVs, outdoor boiler smoke, generators, etc. I like the peace and quiet. They like their engines. I fix their electronics and solar stuff. They fix my chainsaw.


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Jun 10, 2015
It's always easier if you can get along with your neighbors. We have the newest house in our small rural housing development. I discuss with my adjoining neighbors my plans for landscaping and such to get their input. Sometimes they actually give me better ideas than what I had planned originally, since they have lived here longer and know what plants and such work better here. They have offered us some extra flower buds and off-shoots.

Before I set-up my BUD I let the neighbor on that side know so it wouldn't come as a total surprise.I also explained that there was no location other than my front yard to mount a dish. (I wish I COULD have put it somewhere besides my front yard) I just recently let them know I was planning a second bud install.

Those same neighbors have a motorcycle trail that crosses over my property line a few feet. I told them NOT to worry about it... I have no plans for that area at this time and there's no need for them to move the trail over. If I ever DO need to put something over there, then it is understood that the land IS my property. They will actually wet down the trail when it is dry to prevent dust from blowing over toward my house when they ride. If I had been a hard-butt, I could have legally forced them to move it over.Then they could have legally showered us with dust all summer long from only 4 extra ft away.

Another thing that is important to me: I go out and shovel, pull up roots, rake, etc. I have to rest often due to disability. The neighbors drive by and see me sitting on the ground and ask if I am ok. It's a good feeling to know that they won't leave me laying there if I have a stroke or something!

In my opinion, being a good neighbor goes well past what is legally allowed. You piss off the neighbors and you may regret it one day. Maybe your car won't start.You need to borrow a tool. Etc, Etc. (One neighbor borrowed my ladder a few days ago)

Which would you rather live beside? Someone who says "It's mine, I'll do anything I please on my property." Or some one who says "It's mine but I'll do my best to get along whenever possible." :)

. Raine

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Aug 6, 2013
North America, CT.
You can do what you want as long as you're not breaking laws, regulations and adhering to whatever permit, zoning, etc, rules exist where you are.

That being said, it's good to keep on good terms with your neighbors. I get along with all of my neighbors but one guy up the street, which no one in the neighhood likes because he runs his heavy equipment at 2:00 am a lot, plows snow into other people's driveways, a lot of annoying and rude things. No one in the neighborhood will 'look the other way' with him, or put up with much from him because he has treated everyone like sh%&.

I, on the other hand, can do pretty much whatever I want with no trouble, because I get along with the neighbors and mind my own business. I also make a point of keeping my front yard clean and neat, any projects I have I do in the back yard and I do a lot of stuff that if I didn't get along with my neighbors, I'd be shut down on it.

Best to be on good terms with your neighbors, if you can. :)


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Jan 25, 2011
I would have a nice looking dish farm when I have our own home but its so hard to get out of public housing they make it so difficult whirlpool effect. I would love to have a dish farm setup doing a site survey that's always is fun.


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Aug 8, 2012
Western Slope, CO
My wife & I have been occasionally looking at houses/property we might be able to afford. Nothing with an HOA, and the more land the better. We'll try to get along with neighbors, but if they complain about a dish or three, we won't really do anything about it. Only so many spots on a property that will work.


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Aug 29, 2015
I do alot of work in HOA's and for the life of me I dont understand why anyone would want to live in one. As far as getting along with neighbors, its been my experience that sometimes your get neighbors that are impossible to please, other times you get lucky and your neighbors could care less what you do to your yard. Usually its kinda a mix of people, and most may think your odd for having dishes in your yard but at the end of the day anything under 1m they cant do anything about anyways. and if you get a permit to put something bigger up then they really cant do anything about it. I try to get along with my neighbors here, and most everyone in the area do business with me anyways so im pretty lucky, at both properties (home and business).
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Jul 15, 2014
North Central
I bought a farm house on 120 acres. My closest neighbor is about 1200 feet away. I bought a place out in the boonies in a place where you get a lot of bang for your buck. I would NEVER do HOA. - But even with all this, you still always deal with neighbors. One of my neighbors has like 10 kids and for awhile i had to deal with them riding their snow mobiles on my property. It's all straightened out now, and haven't had any issues for years. But, my point being, you cannot totally escape your neighbors.

However, with that being said, I used to live in San Diego and let me tell you, its night and day. I had neighbors that called the fire department when i let my lawn get too long?!!?! At the time, i was too busy working on remodeling the inside of the house. Yet, I had no complaints with my 10' cband dish i had in the backyard. You just never know what is gonna put a hair up someones butt!
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Oct 13, 2007
West Central Michigan
I'm fortunate. My dishes and hobby are on a radio station property. It's an expected part of the landscape, and not anywhere near the neighbors' property lines! Yes, there's a bunch of dishes, and the neighbors have never expressed any dislike... but...what does one expect at a communications location? As a matter of fact, we're told that we're the first owners to really "keep the place up" since the original family owned the business. The funny thing is, only ONE dish serves the radio station. The rest are all mine...because we do so much LOCAL programming, we only need one dish for our top of the hour news..... I think being considerate and not putting a BUD where neighbors have to stare at it a few feet out their window is a good policy, HOWEVER...if it lends could argue it's a good thing.

In my former (alternative style) home which was a downstairs converted storefront, the town said I couldn't sink a pole close to the property line or sidewalk, so for 15 years, my Birdview resided on a converted boat trailer, weighed down with concrete and a nice fence around it which was attached to the trailer, no poles in the ground. Got around ALL the issues. And, since the trailer was "special purpose" didn't need licensing either! Sometimes there are creative ways to make things happen.

(P.S. I must suffer "fast typing syndrome. I know how to spell "residence" but I'm not going back to change the pic's caption.)
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