New Receiver

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from what I remember, he is still working on it.

He mentioned it a month or so ago

Found the post...2/23
satelliteav said:
Typical delays....

I push these units pretty hard and ended up frying multiple tuners and some surface mount chips. I would rather kill and maim the preproduction units on our testing bench than hear about it from ya'll on the forum!

Had to wait until after the New Year holiday to end to get the unique and required parts from the factory. Not sure if the package will arrive prior to my trip to the NRB National Religious Broadcasters Convention at the end of this week. Anyway you look at it, add three more weeks to the development schedule. Just the way the build and verification process is!

SatelliteGuys will be the first to know when it is ready! Maybe on one of the SatelliteGuys radio shows....
Please reply by conversation.

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