new servo noise and quailty

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Jun 1, 2008
I just bought a new servo motor for my corotor
it seems to always hum is this normal?

also was running a coolsat private and my quality stayed steady
but then purchased a pansat 3500 for the skew feature and the quailty is rather bouncing even after adjusting skew

the skew is working but the quality meter jumps between 68 and 75 on some TP others getting 45 to 60 and its like a few channels on every sat i get a break up as it pixelates..and it cant be adjusted no matter how i adjust the skew

I am on the clark belt and right on the money i get all the sats on c and ku without any problems except this quailty issue i dont get a steady bar as it jumps

Could I have installed the servo a bit off , which may cause the humming and quailty issue

The servo is not clicking just a steady hum


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Dec 26, 2006
the hummer

Sounds to me like its up against the limits, might take the power loose from it and try to set up out by the dish, so you can listen to what it's doing when you're changing polarity. You may need to take it back off, rotate that little plastic gear by hand,the one attached to the feedhorn probe, then reinstall the polarity motor. I've done that before, when I had the feedhorn installed wrong, and burned up a polarotor that way. Have to make sure its not hitting the end of its travel when it changes V to H or H to V.
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