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So I guess at this point I need help. I seem to be getting vastly less c band channels as I should be. And I'm not sure why. Example on 101 I get around 7 channels and from data I've seen I should be expecting something around 20 and this applies to pretty much ever satellite I catch.... Could this be a lnb issue? Maybe polarity? Programing issue? Calibration issue?

I've also noticed I seem to be getting on occasion when I program the dish to a new satellite I pick up a station or two from the neighboring satellite....

Idk the picture on everything I have is rock solid though....

If picking up an adjacent satellite, either the dish aiming or the feedhorn placement needs optimizing.

Was the reflector string tested to confirm that it is not warped?

Feed centered on the reflector?

FD and FL calculated, set and optimized?

Skew optimized on each polarity?

I string tested it but that's the full extent of tuning I did to the dish.

I decided to see if the last owner had it tuned and didn't adjust anything. As to the skew to be honest I don't know anything about adjusting it, I was guessing it was more of a satellite thing instead of a channel thing? As such i haven't messed with any of the settings on the ASC1, is that something the receiver would handle?
The ASC1 can bump east/west and adjust skew from the default +45/-45 position, but those are final steps to position and optimize. I NEVER assume or trust that the last installer did the job right or proceed unaware that the customer changed a setting on their own.

Measure the reflector from inside rim to inside rim. Stretch a line across the face of the reflector and measure the depth of the parabola at he center of the reflector. Download one of our LNBF install guides and use the calculation to determine the scalar and feedhorn placement. Are the scalar and the feedhorn at these settings?

Is the feedhorn aligned with the vertical axis of the dish mount? Chaparral has a great FAQ for feedhorn alignment. They also have an alignment template if your feed is their brand.

I use a torpedo level that has a laser beam at 90 degrees to see if the scalar and the feedhorn are aimed parallel to the reflector and centered on the reflector. Check the arc and verify that a center satellite and one on either end of the arc are providing good signal quality readings without having to gently lift up/push down/east or west to optimize. The declination or elevation may be set wrong or the dish mount is not aligned with true south. All of these things can affect the reception.

Better to check these things now rather than blindly adjusting and possibly end up chasing your own tail and making things more complicated.
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