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Nov 12, 2011
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Ok, I'm a newbie here so don't kill me to bad. Anyhow, I have Directv and have since they were Primestar. All I have ever had was one receiver and the one horn dish. The receiver I currently have is the Hughes HIRD -E1 that uses the old black remote with the blue buttons. Yeah I know, pretty outdated. I have wanted to upgrade but have not felt like swinging through the jungle and trying to decipher out the best deal from all the smoke and mirrors. I haven't been on a contract for many years now and have the Total Choice package for ~ $65.00/month.

So the obvious questions

1. What do you recommend I upgrade to as far as equipment goes? I was thinking of having at least three rooms done.

2. How do I go about getting the best deal and cutting through all the extra fluff that confuses?

3. Have any other recommendations?

Thanks in advance,
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Sep 23, 2005
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Call and say cancel at the voice prompts. That will get you through to retention.

It is there that you will get the best possible deal for a current customer.


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Jul 14, 2005
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Call and let them know you'd like to catch up and get yourself a HD recvr or a HD DVR, depending on your needs.

They will look up your account and tell you how great a sub you have been and seeing you've been with them forever, you should get a decent deal.
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