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Mar 9, 2007
I spoke with SRL today and they said the official news on what will be involved with the switch over of the 4DTV's will be e-mailed out Tuesday. It should also be posted on SRL's website Monday night. A 7 to 8 step procedure will be needed using your remote that will take 5 to 10 minutes.

I asked about a MR and the guy said he wasn't sure if that was needed or not. Well looks like we will find out very shortly. :popcorn

The 4DTV is not dead! Put that in your pipe and smoke it NPS!
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Mar 19, 2010
It's funny. You guys, and not only you but a bunch of us here give them the best advertising they ever got, for FREE?

Think about it. Even though we're in here bitchin about them this stuff STILL shows up in the search engines and negative or not, some advertising is better than NO advertising and as a result some dumbazz will undoubtedly go to their website and decide what nice ppl they are and then turn around and spend money with them!!!! Because they found out about them from this website!!:eek:

F**k'em! Don't even mention their name here anymore!!! Either that or give them a new name like c**ksucker or something really negative that ppl won't even bother to look at!!!

We don't need to be advertising for those bastages and in so doing possibly putting money in their pockets!!!
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