Plasma screen calibration? Yes?/No?/don't matter?


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Jun 16, 2004
I reciently purchased a new 42" HD plasma, which was installed. I'm now waiting on my voom to be installed. When the installer called to set up the time, he also offered an additional service, for a charge of course. He offered to calibrate my plasma. He has some fancy instruments that can calibrate the grayscale to NTSC standard and the color temperature. Says this will extend the life of my plasma and increase my viewing pleasure. Is this necessary, did anyone else do this or what the hell is he speaking about?
I've read a lot of information about ISF Calibrators,(I guess its the same thing with Plasma's) anyways, I know a lot of people will disagree with me but. It seems crazy to me to pay someone $200, 300, 400, etc. to come in and "calibrate your TV". I mean when you go out and buy a brand new car do you go and get it "TUNED" after you drive it off of the lot. In my research I've read about some people saying "Wow what a difference" and others I read them say "I can't tell much of a difference". To top that of if you ever move the TV, or change the settings on it most likely it will get screwed up! Besides lets pretend you spent $400 to get this done, and you see a difference in your PQ, two, three, four, nine weeks from now are you really going to see that much difference, you will get used to it, and it will not matter. As far as telling you, "this will extend the life of my plasma" its the same thing they tell people that have a RPTV. I know at least four people who bought RPTV's over five years ago, and never got any calibrators to come out, and guess what their TV's work just fine. Hell, my mother-in-laws 50"+ Mits. is over eight years old, there is no burn in lines, no burnt out CRT's, etc... I know you are talking about Plasma, but it sounds like they are feeding you the same thing they feed us RPTV owners.
Calibrating a brand new TV sounds like taking a brand new car in and having it tuned to gain five horse power, yeah you've gained five more horses (better PQ), but will you really be able to tell, NO. If manufactures do such a crappy job setting up their TV's, it seems to me they wouldn't offer those extended warranties for up to five years. (why would they want to give a warranty on something that is going fry! I realize burn-in isn't a warranty problem, but something I keep reading is "if you don't get your RPTV calibrated it can lead to your CRT burning up" a CRT burning up would be warranty! Besides the amount of money you've already spent should have given you a great looking TV.

Call the manufacturer and ask them if this would really make that much difference, then I would try to find out from any body you can what your TV will really look like after you get it calibrated. (listen to everyone here, dbstalk, hdtvoice, about it) Perhaps, this installer has a plasma TV like yours he has already done this to, and then you could go and look at it, to compare PQ.

In the end, its your decision to spend the $, this is only my opinion, but you should think about it before you hand over your wallet.

And to everyone else, I realize everyone is probably going to disagree with me, I've already read and heard how great a ISF Calibration makes your PQ on a RPTV, and how it extends the life of your TV. Lets just agree to disagree, OK.

And of course, this installer may not even be talking about ISF Calibration, but your post sounds like it. If he is going to charge you 30, 40, 50 bucks to do it, it would probably be worth it then. But if he's talking about $300, I don't think it would be. But like I said it is up to you.

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