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Dec 21, 2003
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Went into Target Saturday night, and found that they have a kiosk with a playable PS3.

I was a little disappointed with the system's interface, it seemed slow and unresponsive when cycling through the selections for movies, pics, games, etc.

The game loadtimes seemed to be pretty long as well. The name of the game escapes me at the moment, but its the one where you are racing dune buggies and such. When selecting your vehicle, the game pops up with the little arrows and name of the vehicle...after a couple of seconds the vehicle would show up. Long load time or inefficient programming??? The game was fun while I played it (the kiosk automatically shuts down and reboots the PS3 to keep people like me from hording the thing).

Funny thing was, not many people were hanging around the kiosk. Maybe that was because no one expected to see it there? I remember seeing the Xbox 360 kiosk at Wal0mart before it was released, and you couldn't move down the aisle with all the attention it was getting. I guess that's what you get when you are the first to release the nexgen console since noone has seen graphics like that.
I saw the PS3 demo setup and it was indeed slow, my 12 year old played with it for a few moments and said it sucked and that it must have been a mock up.

Target had WII Demo DVDs which showed some games coming to WII, they were priced a penny a piece for these DVD's. :D

Depending on how my sons Report Card is he may get his WII this week or he may get it for christmas (or never) :D
I'm still hoping I can talk my wife into letting me get the Wii on Sunday.

My bedliner is coming first. I keep trying to tell the wife that the Wii is for everyone. :D
I am sure it looked good they usually use a computer monitor. Those little cute screens hell anything will look good.

The PS3 demo at my local Target is completely empty when I was there. The display is a LCD TV screen around 25" or bigger I think. I tried the 2 demos they got, NBA something and Motorstorm. I am not exactly impressed with the graphics. They are good, but not jaw dropping. I wish they got some FPS or hack and slash game for demo, but I guess that would be too violent for a demo.
Went to my local Best Buy at lunch yesterday to scope for lines forming (this is one of the Best Buy's that will open at midnight on Friday). Noone there yet, but they had the playable PS3 kiosk operating.

I hadn't realized that Motorstorm used the motion control feature of the controller, until a BB employee turned it on for someone. I had to try that out, and it was cool but hard to get used to. I ran into a lot of bugs with the Motorstorm game...I don't think its ready for primetime yet. I hope this won't be the version that ships, because just the few minutes I played it I discovered at least 3 problems (instead of riding on top of a ramp, I went through the ramp and underneath it, car got stuck but game would not restart the car, a major clipping issue but can't remember where it occurred).
I played Motorstorm at Best Buy and I did not see any bugs. Does not mean there were none, just that we did not run into any. The crash scenes are very cool. There was a crowd of about 10 people watching me and a few others play. This was not the final version and the graphics were nice but not neccessarily wow factor. However, three of us played the game and agreed that there is definately a FUN FACTOR in playing Motorstorm. I actually slid sideways into a rock and my rear wheel was bent and the buggy kept draggin in that direction. That was very cool!

As for the interface, once we got an employee to show us how to navigate the interface was very fast and very easy. I liked the way it works -- others may not.

There is about 8 demos of games on the Kiosk and my preferance was F-1 Racing. The race in the rain was just like driving down the road -- the WOW factor was definately in the F-1 game. It just so happened that Madden for the 360 was playing next to the PS3 and quite frankly I don't believe I will be buying any EA games for awhile. The graphics on both systems look like last gen.

Another WOW graphically speaking was the Ultimate Heros(?). The textures on the PS3 were unbelievable. If the in-game graphics can approach the demo graphics then I might buy this game. Especially if the game play is fun. The graphics were definately awesome!!

As for the 360 I saw a better demo of GOW and I really like the Halo series. I wonder if I can sneak both systems into the house?:D
There are now reports on the boards that some of the stores are having major problems with the kiosk PS3s locking up or totally dying.

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