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Mar 25, 2004
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I had two VOOM receivers installed on Wednesday. They both worked fine. Today I watched some VOOM downstairs without a problem, both sat and OTA. When I went upstairs to finish watching something from bed, I noticed a red sat light on the receiver and when I turned on the TV I saw I had no guide info and worse no sat signal.

I switched to an OTA channel and I got sound but it said I didn't subscribe to that PPV. So it seemed OTA was okay but sat was not. After fiddling with the cables and a few reboots it seemed to reverse. Sat channels worked fine but OTAs were gone. I checked system info on both receivers. Downstairs it said 60 for sat and 80 for OTA. Upstairs it said 57 for sat and 20 for OTA.

Both receivers use a diplexer even though I had asked the installer not to do that. This sounds like a diplexer problem to me since I can get either sat or OTA but not both. However, one receiver seems to work flawlessly. And the other receiver worked okay yesterday.


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Mar 30, 2004
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Maybe the STB upstairs took a crap on you. It just seems strange that they would be so different. Does your house have a "Smartbox" where the outside RG6 feeds come in and are distributed to the wall outlets? If so, try switching the feeds and if the problem moves from upstairs to downstairs then it is a diplexor/wiring issue. If the problem the remains on the upstairs STB then it is that STB.

If you don't have the "Smartbox" then just physically move the boxes.

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