PS3 disassembly

It's going to be hard for the modders to get a mod chip to work on the ps3.

Disassembly obviously voids the any warranty, factory or extended. Jony (Sony and Joe) claim you can upgrade the hard drive... but to get to the hard drive to upgrade you need to disassemble the unit which voids the warranty.
No but opening it up WILL void the warranty

The hard drive can be removed and replace from the side of the ps3. It's easy as pie to do. The manual has instruction on how to remove and upgrade the hard drive also.

I'm got to upgrade my 20gig to a 120gig, because even though I had a 60gig preorder. Toy R Us 60gig shipment came up short and I had to settle for 20gig or wait to next shipment.

I thought about it and search online. I found a FUJITSU 120GB MOBILE HD 5400RPM- 2.5 SATA hard drive for $95 dollars. I brought a, all in one usb 2.0 MemoryStick/SD/CompactFlash reader, a year ago when I brought my psp and digital camera. All I have to do is plug it into one of those usb slots on the ps3 and transfer photos and other files. So why spend the extra $100 for the 60 gig ps3.

I seen online, on a japanese website. As soon as you install the new hard drive and hit power. The ps3 see the new hard drive and allow you to format it and it's ready to go.

Here is link:
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