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May 20, 2011
I have a KU band satellite that I plan to install later this year at a house that I own. I am interested in finding sources that will allow me to tune into News and Talk programs on the KU band. American News and Talk only. Not interested in foreign broadcasts right now.

Where I can I find out which KU band satellites carry radio broadcasts and a list of each station?


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Jun 4, 2004
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If you do not yet have a FTA receiver, consider the Manhattan DJ-1997.
In addition to the satellite portion, it has an IPTV section that is capable of up to 400 channels. I have customized that portion after fighting with a 1.5 mbps DSL line and discovered that it makes more sense to put in about 20 of my favorite non HD video channels from IP and use the remaining 380 channel slots for radio. This is where the fun begins. We are now shipping customized TV/radio mapping with receivers that we sell, that include a mix of radio channels from across the USA, Canada, with a few token channels from Ireland, the U.K., Russia, New Zealand and Australia. I have found that once you acquire a radio channel, it rarely drops out even with this marginal DSL connection. My list includes a bunch of big city lineups from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Chicago, New 'York, and Canadian cities Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto. A few from everywhere else such as selected NPR Radio affiliates, regional News-Talk channels, and hand picked radio stations with unique or notable formats from other places. There's even a Polka channel!

Drop me an EMail for more information, while there are still some DJ-1997 receivers available.


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May 12, 2012
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There are lots of radio channels on Galaxy 19 Ku at 97W; best bet is to scan it for radio channels. Other Ku sats have radio channels but 97W has the most. Lots are international b'casters but you will find domestic ones in there. Have fun with your dish.
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