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it will be minor compared to what most of you already have out there, but I'm getting ready to upgrade my 18" dish and become a real KU viewer. NASA, ION & AngelOne have gotten me by but now I'm ready to get more. I'll be getting a 33" dish (maybe a motor?).

Only real question is... What satellite should I point to if it's going to be a stationary dish? I want as many channels as I can get, so I guess that would mean pointing to the Galaxy @ 97? (Can't remember the name of it right off).

any thoughts on this ?
Why don't you give 97° a week, and see how you like it?

Then, swing over to 125° for some PBS (hope you can decode AC3, so plan ahead).
Give that a week, and decide which you prefer.
If you want both, it might be time for that motor. :)

Of course, there's nothing wrong with multiple dishes.
We have quite a few members with multiple LNBs on multple dishes.
And stringing them all together with switches is documented in our FAQ department. - :rolleyes:
Deaver, 97West would be great to start with. Ebru Tv, Kuwait 2, Al Jazeera, Russia Today etc...are just a few on that sat. 101W is close by and History, and Biography on are on it. Have fun this hobby is addictive. Blind:)
Please reply by conversation.

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