Require a Motorola DSR 922

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Oct 19, 2006
Does anyone here know where I could buy a new Motorola DSR 922 in the Reno or Sparks, NV area. I just need the receiver and not a subscription. Pre big thankyou for any info.
I'm between the devil and the dark blue sea. I have a 10' Uniden dish set up with a Monterey 50 Receiver. Haven't used it for about 5 years now as have been on cable TV. So the decision is, do I get a DSR 922 Receiver so I can get the HBO & Cinemax channels Plus Discoverey or junk the whole system and Star Choice. I wish I could get Star Choice and still get HBO & Cinemax. I'm located at Vancouver Canada but also have a condo in Sparks,NV. so no problem buy any subscription available.
Easy solution:

Get a DSR 920 or 922 for your big dish along with a HDD200 or 201 decoder- order HBO/Showtime HD plus since you are in Canada - just go to the SC website to order a DSR505a online in order to get all the deals - Movies - big dish - Nets on SC

Get the best of both worlds

Checkout the satellite Swap-n-Shop at for available 4DTV hardware deals
If you are in Canada rps satellite has the best deals on 4dtv, may work out cheaper than getting for the usa.

I have had 4dtv for a few years and love it, you can also think of dvb and c/ku if you don't have that already.
Goold luck!
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Actuator question

Have BUD, getting fta box, tough dish decisions....

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