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Jul 15, 2014
North Central
Hey there. I just ran out of time to get the 9 footer hooked up last summer. Mostly because i couldn't figure out where the heck i wanted to put it. What a gorgeous dish. I got it all fine tuned and am getting signals that are as strong as my 10' mesh. Wonderful! Thank you Chewie!

It cost me $35.00 in nuts/bolts/locks and $150.00 for the pipe. I dug the hole raised the pole, and welded it to the shipping container, and put the mount on the pole and put each panel up one at a time, and hand tightened the 100 bolts, and then went back and tightened them all down. I then did a quick bird lock.

Today, i fine tuned and ran the horizontal/vertical Coax Quad shield to the house. I still need to bury the cable and do a proper tie into the house.

But so far VERY Happy!



SatelliteGuys Pro
Jun 14, 2019
I wish you lived nearby. I would have grabbed em both as I am in the market for a 1.2 meter motorized and a bud! Here in Tennessee no one is into this hobby! At least from what I have seen!

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