SatelliteGuys HAS MOVED again!

This happens for me ossaionally. I select watch for a new theead for my watched threads list and get the attached pic.
I am thinking that happened when I was tinkering restarting services. Still doing tweaks... want to get all the possible juice I can out of this thing. :D
Don't know if there will be any kind of slowdown, but if there is I want to make sure I let you guys know...

I am working on the Offsite Backups and will be doing our first offsite backup now so I can make sure everything works correctly. Normally this job runs overnight so it does not cause any slowdowns. But again running it now to make sure it works. :)

We will have two separate offsite backups -

1) A complete backup that backups everything. This one is stored on a remote SFTP server. This one runs daily.
2) Full Backup with Incremental Backups - This one is done to a S3 Cloud Backup server. After a first full backup is done then any changes on the server are then updated every 2 hours to the S3.

In addition weekly server snapshots are made.

We have almost 21 years of history here and I am doing my best to preserve it. :)

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