scanning echostar birds

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Sep 17, 2004
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This question has probably been beat to death but I was wondering if anyone
knows why that when I scan an echostar or nimiq bird (both d*n*) even when I set my pansat to just save the "fta" in the clear channels but it still saves a bunch of garbage that identify as subscription channels but have no audio pids or video pids just pcr numbers. I know that the pay channels are encrypted and cannot be received with a pansat, but why does the receiver load its memory with 400 channels of garbage data when only a couple are real channels that are in the clear? After it does this you have to sit and
delete all the "sho-e" "hbo-e" "apl" "tnt" and so on. I actually never scan the E" birds anymore because of this annoyance, or is that the point! If they can load everyone's receiver full of trash, even when something is "in the clear" you will not be eager to scan their birds. :(

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Nov 17, 2003
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ahhh, yes the dreaded Pansat f**kup

Sadly, Pansats do this. It scans 13 channels PER TP of crap.

Best thing would be to check the FAQ thread "what can I get with a 18 dish" and scan only those TP's (I posted that info in there)

It will help a little

ExpressVu is just as bad. When I scan it, there are 11 channels right now (all slate type channels), yet it logs 150 channels :mad:
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