silverstar fta receivers is a scam

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Jul 6, 2004
i sent money over three weeks ago and still no package,they wont anwser phone and wont return calls,when i e-mail them,they say they will check on package,they wont give me any info on package,and now wont return my e-mail,please beware........................

yang lee ho
marketing director
silverstar electronics ltd
the law building
box 128

also,or at

2905 losch blvd
door 6
st. hubert J3Y3V6
western union,cash was there in thirty min's...sent to ,ronald richards in montreal,qc
that's what you get for not researching things. besides... $375 is a total rip for what you thought you were buying.

no matter how legal the site says it is, that box itself is legal but using it to access all the channels it can access IS illegal (and the only reason anyone in their right mind would send $375 via western union to someone in another country)

i don't feel sorry for you.
Red flag - selling an illegal (or questionably illegal) product. If this type of receiver was really OK, there would be dozens of U.S. vendors.

Red flag - payment by Western Union or money order only.

Too bad you fell for this - doubtful you will get your money back. Best you can do is tell Western Union, who may be able to prevent others from falling for this.
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