Sirius Renewal

Add it to your car thru her account.
It would be cheaper with the multi radio plan.
Mrs. Foxbat received a renewal invite for the newly-expired SiriusXM on the Volvo (see below) so she checked to see what would happen if we added the XC60 to our existing account. Basically, the low promo rate she has would “disappear“ and the second vehicle would be added to the full-price rate. Since her rate was ~$7/mo for Music & Entertainment, jumping to $19/mo. for the Family Plan M&E didn’t seem like a great deal.
I got a renewal notice last week for $4 a month. It does not include Stern but his show is so boring now it’s not worth it.
Only $4/mo.? Must be the "ScottyG Internet Celebrity" rate! ;)
The forwarded message from SiriusXM was for $5/mo for Music & Entertainment for the year. Not quite the ScottyG rate, but close enough! ;)


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